3 Tips for Safe Driving During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is already here, and in spite of all the celebrations and good times that we generally associate with it, the truth is that this time of the year also sees a huge spike in road accidents. To make sure that you and your family remain safe on the road during the holiday season, here are a few tips that everyone should follow.

Keep the Drinks to a Minimum

It should go without saying that no one should be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs under any circumstances, whether it’s the holiday season or not. However, since the general tendency to drink is much higher during this time, so are the instances of drink driving. Know when you have had a drink too many at the party and resist the urge to drive. Call a taxi instead, or call someone to drive you home if you don’t have the option of leaving your car behind. The best decision would be to leave the car at home if you have plans to drink.

Snow, Ice, and Water

safe driving

Winter most certainly isn’t ideal for driving as snow, slippery ice and water makes it particularly hard for the tyres to grip the road. Therefore, a few cautionary steps as mentioned below are a must if you want to drive safely during the winter months.

  • Clear all snow, ice, and water from the windshield post a snowfall
  • Use a water and vinegar solution before the snow starts falling to keep the windshield protected from snow
  • Check your tyres and see if they have at least 50% of the traction left on them; if not, change the tyres
  • Do not drive too fast on icy and slippery roads because you will almost inevitably lose control

Beware of the Fog

In the UK, heavy fog during the winter months is neither uncommon nor something that you should take lightly. Driving in foggy conditions should be avoided in general, but when it’s not an option, keep the following points in mind.

  • Drive slower than normal and trust your speedometer more than your eyes because, in heavy fog, visual perception can be misleading
  • Use your fog lights to keep your own vehicle and the other cars on the road visible
  • Low-beams are more effective for visibility in the fog than high-beams
  • Do not stop or park in the middle of the road; you need to get off the road before you do that

While the above three tips should reduce your chances of running into an accident during the festive season significantly, accidents can still happen. On the off chance that they do, remember that failure to stop or report the accident is the last thing that you want to be accused of as you can even lose your license for that. On the other hand, if you are already involved in a hit and run situation, call your solicitor as soon as possible.

Make sure you drive safely this holiday season!

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