My Fashion Conscious Girls

It’s safe to say I’m not fashion conscious. I’m not into buying clothes for myself and when I do, it’s out of necessity rather than an urge to own something new.
The last time I did buy something new, it was in the sales because I don’t like paying full price for my clothes!

Fashion Conscious

Kaycee and Ella, on the other hand, LOVE buying new clothes. They’re always asking me if this top goes with that skirt or does this handbag match the scarf that they want to wear. It drives me mad because I’m rubbish with fashion so I’m really not the person to ask these kinds of questions!
Their sister, Kellyann, is always clothes shopping for them and they always love what she buys so she obviously knows her stuff when it comes to fashion for 10 and 12-year-olds!
I thank Facetime or Messenger or whatever app it is they use to video call her because it saves them having to ask me!


Don’t get me wrong, I do like buying them new clothes, I’m just not very good at choosing what they’ll like. I visit sites (such as Esprit) to look at clothes for them and add them to the basket but I’ve learnt not click Buy Now until I’ve shown them what I was going to buy. On the one hand, it means I can’t really surprise them but on the other, I’m not wasting money on clothes they don’t like.

I saw this jumper from Esprit the other day I knew it would be perfect for Ella. It totally sums her up! She loves the colours pink and purple and she’s totally wild 🙂
With the cooler weather on the way, she needs more jumpers and cardigans. I know if I show her this jumper, she’ll want me to buy it purely because it has sequins on! It doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s sparkly, she’ll want it!

Wild and Free jumper for Ella - fashion conscious

Her sister, Kellyann recently bought her a t-shirt with a unicorn on the front that is made from sequins. I’ve never seen her so excited to get a new t-shirt 🙂


It’s not just daytime clothes they’re fashion conscious about, they have to have fashionable pyjamas as well, even though no one but me and their dad sees them at night!

Kaycee would love these Esprit pyjamas because they look so comfy

Esprit Girl's Pyjamas

I don’t mind them being fashion conscious at all, what I do mind is the number of times they change clothes and put the clean to wash. That I can do without!


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