Diamond Painting – Another New Hobby

I stumbled across diamond painting on eBay while looking for some cross stitch kits. I’d never heard of it before and wasn’t exactly sure what it meant when diamond painting cross stitch!

Cross Stitch

YouTube showed me exactly what it was and I was intrigued. I’ve not done any cross stitch for a while and only recently started doing it again. I enjoy it but it sometimes feels like I’ve been working on it forever and not really getting anywhere.
Plus, the tiny chart with all the counting can be a bit stressful. I’m forever losing my place and having to count over and over to make sure I’ve got the right square.

Diamond Painting

Diamond painting has the chart right there on the picture. Basically, you stick tiny plastic, flat-backed rhinestones onto the chart. The canvas has adhesive already applied and the rhinestones are in numbered bags. Using the tool supplied, you pick up a rhinestone and stick it on the right number.

Diamond painting kit. Santa holding an owl - October 1 day 12 pics

Started my diamond painting kit - October 1 day 12 pics

Diamond painting Santa - October 1 day 12 pics

Diamond painting kit - Santa holding an owl

My next one is another Santa picture and I can’t wait to start it!

Santa diamond painting kit

I bought all my kits from the same seller on eBay. They were all less than £3 each with free posting. I did have to wait a couple of weeks to receive them because they came from China but it’s worth the wait.

I have lots more in my basket waiting for me to click the BUY button!!

I still have one of my miniature dollhouse kits to make but I’m taking a rest from them as they’re not as stress-free as the diamond painting!


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