My Gorgeous New Cloud Family Tree Papercut Frame

Cloud Family Tree Papercut


I can’t begin to tell you how much I love my new cloud family tree papercut from TwentyFingers. We have a big blended family and I did wonder whether the people at Twenty Fingers would be able to fit us all on.
I need not have worried, though, because upon reading the description it says they can fit up to 100 names on and even if you need more names, you just have to contact them and they’ll see what they can do.

Speedy Service

I placed my order on the 24th July, got an email on the 25th to say it had been shipped and it arrived on the 26th.
I was really impressed with the speed, the excellent service and the quality of the finished product.

When I unwrapped it from the bubble wrap, I was so excited;  I love anything to do with keepsakes and family mementoes.

cloud family tree papercutFamily Names

I put Ant and me at the top followed by Ant’s kids:

Jonathan and his wife, Elaine
Jourdain and his soon to be wife, Netty
Jason and his partner, Gemma
Kellyann and her partner, Ian
Chantal (the eagle-eyed amongst you may notice it’s spelt differently on the plaque. This was totally my fault. Katy and Chantal died when they were only a few months old and I had forgotten that it was spelt with al, not elle. I felt awful when Ant told me and couldn’t stop apologising. but he forgave me. I’d also like to apologise to the siblings for spelling their sister’s name wrong)

then my son:


then our girls:


followed by our grandsons (Jason’s boys)


cloud family tree papercut

Great Personalised Gift

The design is gorgeous and what’s even better is that you can choose not only the colour of the frame but also the colour of the paper; there are loads of paper colours to choose from.

These would make the perfect Christmas gift for everyone, (yes, I said the C word… should know me by now, I buy for Christmas the whole year through!) I know my mum would love to receive one!

cloud family tree papercut

Thank you to everyone at Twenty Fingers, I LOVE it!

I received my framed family tree in return for an honest review


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  1. Gwen Chapman 30th July 2017 at 2:13 pm

    It’s gorgeous, and yes your right I would love one rofl xxxxxxx

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