5 Signs That You Need To Call A Professional For Boiler Repair

Call A Professional For Boiler Repair

Boiler repair can be something that should not be put off. It could cause major problems for your company and place of business. It is highly advised that you get in contact with a local professional team who can help you like those that offer boiler repair service in Denver. Sometimes you may not have the budget to pay a professional team of experts to come out to your establishment to repair your boiler and so you may want to hold off on doing so. This article will provide some tips as to when it is absolutely necessary to give a professional a call to come help with the needed repair.

Strange Noises

  • If you hear strange noises coming from your boiler you will want to pay close attention to their frequency. If you hear hissing noises this could mean that you have iron and other mineral built up within your system. It is imperative that the system gets cleaned out. These deposits will cause uneven water distribution and could cause your system to malfunction, overheat, or completely shut down. To avoid additional damage, call for help. If you’re renting a house, says Income Realty Corp., you can see with your landlord who of you should take care of the problem.

Foul Smelling Odours

  • Odd smells coming from your boiler could mean that you have a gas leak. It is important to call a professional right away to prevent major problems. The professional HVAC team will be able to test the system and determine the cause of odor. They can also provide you with a recommendation for how to resolve the issue.


Water Leaks

  • If you live in an older home or work in a building that has aged, you may come in to contact with a boiler that leaks water. It is possible that your system is so old that components have deteriorated and need to be replaced. To avoid future problems, it is best to get the boiler leak checked so that the leak does not grow into something more substantial.

The Boiler Stops Heating

  • The loss of heat can be catastrophic during a family function or holiday weekend. It is important that you maintain your boiler by doing routine maintenance to prevent such an event from happening. Check your water levels as a low level could be the cause of the problem. Be sure to call for help if you have a house full of company and resist waiting as the problem could persist and become larger.

Pilot Light Is No Longer Lit

  • A pilot light going out could be an indication of a major problem. It could mean that there is a deposit build up where the pilot light is, causing it to go out. Or worse, it could mean that there are some components that need to be replaced or are not working properly. Whatever the reasons are, an HVAC professional will be able to analyze your system in a quick manner and recommend the appropriate remedy. Do not speculate when it comes to your pilot light. It could end up costing you more money in the long run if you try to fix the problem yourself and make a mistake.  

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