12 Bold Bathroom Design Ideas To Knock Your Kitchen Off The Top Spot

Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom design ideas
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If there’s one room in the house that you could completely go to town with and make it extra special, which would it be? Well, it’s a safe bet to say that your kitchen and bathroom would be fighting for the top spot. On the one hand, your kitchen is the heart of the home, but who doesn’t love a dreamy bathroom design to relax in at the end of a busy day? Whether you’re moving to a new home or you’re just redecorating, you can often want to beautify your bathroom to bring in line with your kitchen. But how do you go about doing that?

Using big, bold, and beautiful design choices, you can create a room that you absolutely adore. The trick is to focus on all of the things that make up your favourite room and be sure that they all work together to create a stylish finish. For a room that almost rivals your incredible kitchen, here’s what to focus on.

Perfect Tiles

We all know that the decor of your favourite rooms is often what matters the most. So, you’re going to want to make sure that your bathroom beats out the best with killer tiles. Pretty bathroom tiles are easy to find. Just be sure to decide on what kind of design theme you want and find the right style of tile to match. They can even be the same as you have in the kitchen.

Bold Wallpaper Design

But that’s not all; the walls should also sing too. There’s every chance that you’re tiling from floor to ceiling, and that’s okay. But if you’re not, you might want to look at these bathrooms with wallpaper for some inspiration. Smaller bathrooms or your downstairs loo could look great with printed wallpaper for a super stylish feel.

Stylishly Understated

With the walls covered, you’re then going to want to think about your suite. Whether you’re doing your master bath, the family room, or even a small W.C., you need a bathroom suite that’s going to make a statement. Sometimes, that’s best achieved with something modern and minimal. Clean lines and simple shapes often scream style and have a luxury feel. So be sure to consider understated styles.

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Finest Fittings

Then you’ve also got your fittings and fixtures to think about. To get on par with your kitchen, you need to make these choices count. If you picked out a state of the art kitchen tap (or you’re planning to) from somewhere like tapwarehouse.com, you’re going to want to do the same for the bathroom. You may even want to go for a similar style so that your sinks all match around the house. That’s definitely one way to bring your bathroom up to the top spot. If you can’t beat them, join them!

Vibrant Vanities

Next, you’re going to want to nail your vanity area. Depending on the style of suite that you’re going for, you might want a pretty vanity that covers or surrounds your bathroom basin. To help you decide, think about what you’re going to need to store around your sink. Do you want a nice countertop with cupboards and drawers underneath or would you prefer a floating style standalone sink? Sometimes, they quirkier vanities add a central focus to the room.

Tempting Tubs

For the pièce de résistance, it’s time to think about the tub. Having a beautiful bath is often the most exciting part about building your new bathroom. It could be the one thing that even makes this room better than the kitchen – but only if you pick out your bathtub wisely. Make sure that it fits with your design. If you’re going French vintage, then a freestanding tub would be gorgeous. Or, if you’re more modern, an alcove or platform tub might be a better fit.

bathroom design ideas
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Storage Solutions

Bathroom storage might seem boring, but if you want to store your towels and loo rolls somewhere, you’re going to want to get this down. You may want to opt for hidden storage ideas in the wall, or even take a bit of inspiration from your kitchen and add in a sort of display case for your towels and toiletries. Just be sure to decide on this early so that you can work with different options.

Tidying Those Towels

And what about a towel rail? If you’re going for a modern finish, you might want to keep your accessories to a minimum. But, there is something about having fresh fluffy towels heated on a towel rail that can work quite well. Just be sure to look into the right options for what you want and what will work with your design.

Stylish Showers

Then there’s the shower to think about. Whether you’re having a tub and shower combo, or something freestanding, make sure you think about the kind of shower design you want. The bhg.com website is great for inspiration, so be sure to do your research. Whether it’s a rainfall or fixed for you, now’s the time to decide.

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Fabulous Flooring

When it comes to the floor, you’re going to want to make sure that the style you choose not only works with the design but is practical too. Taking inspiration from thespruce.com, some of the main ideas you might want to consider are tiles, laminate, or even wood. And if you really want to make it special, why not opt for the same flooring as the kitchen, to really make sure it’s a top contender.

Creative Lighting

And don’t forget your lighting. It’s definitely one area that you can have a lot of fun with. Lighting can often make or break the feel of a room. So, be sure to make yours count. You could work with downlighting or uplighting options, or even hidden lights in shelving for a luxury, calming feel.

A Spa-Like Touch

Finally, to make sure that your bathroom beats out your kitchen for the best room in the house, or to put it joint top, you’re going to want to go with some sort of luxury spa feel. And it’s easier to achieve than you might think. Just be sure to add a mix of textures into the room with towels or rugs or even a chair. Then, with your bath and body products, somewhere to play music, and a few scented candles, your bathroom should easily become your favourite room in the house (sorry kitchen!).

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