Another Gardening Party – Garden Update

Another Gardening Party

A few weeks ago, when we had a heatwave, we appealed for help in the garden from the family. They didn’t disappoint; we had a great day and they got loads of gardening done.

Ant’s been trying to build his wall for the outdoor kitchen he’s planning but it’s been taking him ages. Time and the weather have been against him so we appealed for help again once we knew the weather was going to get better.

Last week we had days of rain but the weekend looked promising so we planned another barbeque.

garden update another gardening party

garden update

Clearing Bramble

The guys did a brilliant job mixing the mortar for the wall and in between mixes, clearing the brambles and butterfly bushes at the top of the garden.
I have to admit I was tempted to leave the bramble once I saw the number of berries that were growing on it. I didn’t want an even bigger job to do in the autumn when the berries were done.

garden update another gardening party

I had to nip out and buy a strimmer and a lawnmower. The strimmer we have was too small and we didn’t have a lawnmower.
The grass was knee high and had started going to seed, it had been that long since it had been cut!

Now all I have to do is find a way t get rid of all the brambles and butterfly bushes that have been cut down. The pile is bigger than the trees were!

garden update another gardening party

Peach Tree

I was delighted to see that our diseased peach tree actually had some fruit on it.  There are only 2 but it gives me hope that we can save it by spraying it in the autumn 🙂

First fruit garden update another gardening party

Talking of fruit trees, the apple tree has more fruit on than I expected after having such a small amount of blossom this year.

Apples - garden update another gardening party


Hopefully, I’ll have some patio progress to report on next time 🙂

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