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New Bike Shed



new bike shed
new bike shed

I was getting fed up of the bikes being on the patio. They had to be there over winter because there wasn’t any shelter for them anywhere else. It’s spring now, though,  and I want to use the patio for sitting out on, not storage!

We had planned to start breaking up the path where Ant wants the new patio. We’re going to put the broken pieces in the bottom of the raised bed we’re going to build.
However, I decided that a new bike shed should be the first job so that I could get the patio cleared. I figured that because we have so much work to do in the garden, we’re going to need some help.

Gardening Party!

If I can get the patio cleared, we’ll be able to invite family and friends over for a ‘Gardening Party!’. We’ll have a BBQ and get some beers in. Then we’ll ask everyone we know to come and help dig up all the bushes, break up the path and dig out the new patio area!

new bike shed

The biggest problem is that most of my family live in Derbyshire so they’re not usually able to drink because of having to drive home. I’ve suggested to Ant that we can put a couple of tents up in the garden so they can sleep over!

We just have to paint it now and it’ll be all done. I have to say, I’m very impressed with Ant’s handiwork. He did it over the weekend and didn’t spend a penny on it because he had everything in the shed. The only thing he didn’t have was the fence panel on the front. That was kindly donated by our lovely neighbour 🙂

new bike shed

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