Liquid Gold: The Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan Oil

Liquid Gold - The Benefits Of Argan Oil
The Benefits of Argan Oil

Originating from Morocco, the argan tree produces kernels which you can extract oil from, which is what is used to create this amazing, natural ingredient that has been proven to hold many different benefits and ways to use it.

Using natural products on your skin, hair, nails, and in your food is a great way to get healthier and maintain a good image, keeping your skin clear and your hair shiny and thick. Unnatural products always run the risk of containing chemicals that are potentially harmful and allergens, which can cause breakouts and spots to appear.

Going forward with all natural products is a way to also help keep the earth surviving, and many of us are looking for more ways to go green. Like many other natural products, argan oil can do many great things for your body.

  1.       Moisturizing. The most common use that people have found in argan oil is to use as a moisturizer for their skin. It’s packed with vitamin E and great fatty acids that sink into your pores without leaving a greasy sheen or feel, making it an excellent choice for skin that isn’t always dry.
  2.       Hair-care. A note made on Hairlossable mentioned that on black hair, which tends to be kinky and frizz easier, argan oil worked amazing and helped to keep it tame and soft, looking smooth. However, anyone can get great use out of argan oil, especially in shampoos that feature the product along with other ingredients. Hair will shinier, fully, and healthier after using argan oil.
  3.       Healing properties. It was already mentioned that argan oil can be great for the skin, but it also reduces acne and heals damaged or burned areas on your skin. It’s a non-greasy oil, meaning it won’t leave your cores clogged and swimming in nastiness that promotes acne and dry skin. Instead, it does the opposite!
  4.       Prevent stretch marks. Pregnant women have found an incredible use for argan oil by applying it to their breasts and stomachs to prevent the stretching of the skin that causes the purple or pale pink scars that are so dreaded.
  5.       Other additional benefits. While we covered the main uses for argan oil, it can bring so much more to the table than what was covered in-depth. Using the oil on nails, lips, feet, and hands can bring more benefits, such as healing brittle enamel and solving chapped painful cracking.

You can buy a single bottle of argan oil and use it all over your body it’s in virgin, pure form. No mixing or adding needed to receive the benefits. Several shampoos, facial cleansers, and other products for your body and skin will often include argan oil in their ingredients. If you want to find something with the oil in it, try searching online and looking at brands that use all natural products. When paired with other oils and natural ingredients, argan oil can bring your body to it’s best form.

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