Sunday Photo – Removing a Brick Path For Nanny

Brick Path

Nanny moved into her house about 4 years ago. I helped with the garden by laying a brick path. The path was great for her when she first moved in but now she’s not as steady on her feet, she’s decided to have a garden makeover. It doesn’t include the path so we dug it up.

Bricks for raised bed

Bricks for raised bed

It took weeks to put down and only a few hours to dig up!

We’ve bought the bricks home and Ant’s going to use them to make my new raised bed 🙂 We were going to make it out of gravel board. Now we have the bricks, we’ll be saving around £100 from the cost of our garden makeover! The raised bed is going to look much nicer made from bricks and I can’t wait to plant it up.

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