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Frosty End To January – My Sunday Photo

I love snow and I’ve been looking forward to getting some snow this past week, but it kept passing us by. Thursday, however, was very very cold and I awoke to a lovely frosty landscape. It looked so pretty. I have to say, I think the frost on the trees looks even nicer than snow would have done!

Frosty Day

frosty trees

I wish now I’d have gone for a walk and taken my camera. I could have taken some really lovely photos at Whisby Nature Reserve or Hartsholme Country Park. There are some great photo opportunities at both places 🙂

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Sunday Photo – Nearly Packed Christmas Away

13 Christmas storage boxes- nearly packed Christmas away

I’m on day 2 of getting Christmas packed away and I’m still not done! Good job I don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow because the whole house looks like a bomb has hit it!

I usually like to get it all packed away on the 2nd, but this year I’ve just kept putting it off because it’s such a big job. We have around 20 storage boxes and everything has to be packed in the correct numbered box to make it easier next Christmas when it’s time to get them all down again.

Doing it this way means we only get down the boxes we need at the right time of the month. The boxes that hold all the Christmas Eve buffet things and the ones that hold the Christmas dinner sets etc can be left in the loft until just before Christmas Eve. This means we don’t have them hanging around all month.

Sunday Photos 

Thank You Pennells Garden Centre – @PennellsGC – Sunday Photo

At the start of October, our local Pennells garden centre opens its Christmas shop. Their Christmas shop is massive and it’s becoming something of a tradition for us to go visit on opening night.

They have 20% off all Christmas items on this night only. I bought some Christmas mugs and a tree decoration and very nearly bought the train decoration in the picture below; KayCee even put it the basket for me.

Pennells Garden Centre Christmas Shop

Gold train water spinner at Pennells garden centre

We browsed a little longer and while browsing I managed to talk myself out of buying the train. We had a holiday coming up (we’re actually on said holiday right now!) and I told myself I didn’t need the train, I just really wanted it and the money could be better spent on our holiday. KayCee took it and put back on the shelf for me. Before she did, though, she said to me, ‘are you sure? You’re going to regret it!’

I told her yes I was sure and no I wouldn’t regret it.

She knows me well, however, because on the way home I posted some of the photos on Instagram that I’d taken and mentioned how I did regret not buying the train.


My Instagram posts are automatically posted to Twitter but I have to admit that I don’t check Twitter often. All the tweets on there are ones that have been posted somewhere else and automatically posted on Twitter.

I don’t have notifications enabled on my phone either so it wasn’t until over a week later that I noticed someone had replied to my post. I’d tagged Pennells in my Instagram post and they’d seen the photo on Twitter.

Happy Customer!

I’m now one very happy customer because I have my train and what’s even better is, I didn’t have to use any of our holiday money because I had some garden centre vouchers that we got as a gift last Christmas! I didn’t know I could use them in the Christmas shop, I thought they could only be used on garden items so I was delighted when Will said I was able to use them on anything in the shop apart from the concessions 🙂

While we were there I also got some new plants for the planter I bought last year at Morrison’s. It was a Christmas planter but the plants had died after Christmas. I like the planter so planted it up with some new plants that hopefully will look good all year.

planter with new plants

Thank you, Will, and all at Pennells 🙂


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A Map Of Days By Ransom Riggs – My Sunday Photo

I enjoyed the first three books in the Miss Peregrin series so when I saw a fourth book, A Map Of Days was going to be released in October I pre-ordered it from Amazon.

At the time of ordering it cost ÂŁ10.49 but the day it was out for delivery I got an email from Amazon saying the following:

You saved ÂŁ3.00 with’s Pre-order Price Guarantee! The price of the item(s) decreased after you ordered them, and we gave you the lowest price.

I love Amazon!

A Map Of Days

A Map Of Days by Ransom Riggs, the fourth book in the Miss Peregrin series

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Dobby The Chihuahua – 7th Oct My Sunday Photo

Ant’s son, Jourdain, and his fiance, Nettie, brought their new addition to the family to meet us last night. We all fell in love with gorgeous Dobby. She’s a beautiful tiny baby chihuahua.

Here she is snuggled up in KayCee’s Harry Potter blanket!

KayCee now wants a chihuahua. We tried putting her off by telling her she would be the one who had to pick up the poop, feed, water and walk it every day as well as administering flea and worm treatment. None of this seemed to phase her, however, we all know it’s easy to say and not as easy to do, day after day!

Ella still wants a guinea pig so Ant said they can both have what they want if they can keep their bedroom tidy for 6 months.
They tried before and managed a couple of months until Christmas came then it all went to pot!

We’ll have to see how they do this time! 

Welcome Dobby

Dobby the chihuahua
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I’m taking part in Blogtober18 with Mandi at Big Family Organised Chaos

More Prepping For Christmas Posts – My Sunday Photo

We still have lots more things to do to get Christmas posts ready for the blog so all the photos on my phone from this week are Christmas ones! I don’t even have any Ella selfies, which I usually do every week!

We’ve been making magic reindeer food, marshmallow snowman, Christmas bark and still more cookies. Ant’s also making a batch of mincemeat today; we’re going to have homemade mince pies this year at our Christmas Eve open house. The smell of the mincemeat is delicious and is making me feel all Christmassy!

Prepping For Christmas Posts

jar of oats, assorted cake decorating sprinkles, stapler, food bags, bag toppers - prepping for Christmas posts


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