Christmas dresses from Boohoo

Christmas Dresses

Every year since they were born, I’ve bought the girls a new Christmas dress each. They wear their dresses when we go to Nanny’s Christmas party and again on Christmas Eve when we have our open house buffet.

We usually go to Asda and they pick the dress they want, usually something totally different to each other. Kaycee has a thing about not looking anything like Ella. I must have put her off after dressing them in the same clothes for years when they were little!

They look forward to choosing them every year and were really excited when I showed them the dresses on BooHoo.

I have to say, I was very impressed with the lovely dresses and with the prices. I’d not heard of BooHoo and I was expecting them to be expensive but I was pleasantly surprised. The ones they chose were only £8 each. We usually spend more than that at Asda. Because they were such a good price, I let them pick two each!

Unfortunately, Kaycee’s second choice didn’t quite fit her so Ella’s going to keep it and we’re going to order another for Kaycee 🙂

BooHoo Christmas dresses

BooHoo Christmas dresses
I totally forgot to remove the Halloween decorations before I took the photo!

This is Ella’s second dress.

BooHoo Christmas dresses

She absolutely loves both them.

Kaycee loved her second choice and was disappointed when it didn’t fit but she soon cheered up when she realised it meant she could shop again!


We were given store credit in return for an honest review.


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