Kevin the carrot is so cute! #kevinthecarrot

Kevin the carrot

The girls and I love Kevin the carrot! He’s so cute! The new Aldi Christmas advert made us smile all the way through and made us laugh at the end 🙂 It made me feel all warm and Christmassy, which is what I expect from a Christmas advert.

Ella loved the bit where he falls on the grater and grates his bum!

We’re eagerly awaiting the John Lewis Christmas advert but until then, we love this little guy!

*EDIT* There’s a part 2!

*EDIT AGAIN!* The John Lewis Christmas advert has been released and I wasn’t impressed I’m afraid. I love this new video of Kevin the Carrot. I laugh out loud every time I watch it and yes, I’ve watched it a few times now! We absolutely LOVE that little carrot!!

Aldi Christmas advert 2016 Kevin the carrot
Aldi Christmas advert


Do you look forward to the Christmas adverts, like me or do you think I’m a little bit nuts?!

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