My autumn wardrobe wish list

Autumn clothes wish list

Out of the blue, Kaycee asked me a question the other day. She wanted to know if I ever bought clothes for myself. She’s used to us buying clothes for her and Ella when we’re out shopping but she couldn’t remember seeing me buy any clothes for myself.
The reason for that is because I don’t buy clothes for myself! I figured it was about time I changed that seeing as it’s getting colder now it’s autumn. I only really have 2 warm cardigans that I like and they’re both looking decidedly tatty!

So here’s my wish list to help me stay warm and cosy :0)

autumn wardrobe Top Shop longline funnel neck jumper Love the Sales
Top Shop – was £17.99 now £13.49
Autumn wardrobe Love the Sales Marisota asymmetric top
Fifty Plus – Was £25.00 now £8.00
Autumn wardrobe Love the Sales Fashion World trousers
Fashion World – Was £15 now £12

I’ve picked a new coat as well from the women’s coat sale section. The one I currently wear was purchased by me in 1999! The reason I remember is because not long after I bought it, I got pregnant and couldn’t wear it for a while. My son was born in April 2000 and I’ve been wearing it every winter since!

I have bought one other winter coat but gave it to the charity shop after never wearing it because it wasn’t as comfy as my old one!

Love the Sales Marisota autumn coat
Marisota – Was £57 now £26

I went to Love the Sales to find my wish list items. I don’t like paying a lot for my clothes when I have to buy them so I figured this would be the perfect place to find bargains. Talking of which, Black Friday will be with us soon. Here’s the link to find your own Black Friday bargains and if you’re after some new perfume (I am, I’ve decided I’m not saving perfume for best anymore, life’s too short for that nonsense!) check out the perfume sale. I’ll be adding some to my Christmas wish list when the family asks me what I want 🙂

You’re welcome 🙂


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