11 Reasons why he’s the most super wonderful father!

Happy father’s Day

Firstly, we want to wish the super wonderful husband a very happy father’s day.

Kaycee and dad

We all adore him and wanted to share just a few of the reasons why he’s a super wonderful father 🙂

  1. He makes them laugh – even when they’re being grumpy and trying to refuse to laugh, he gets them to give in!
  2. He has a ‘daddy fix it’ box for them to put broken things in. It’s not very often he comes across something he can’t fix 🙂
  3. He enjoys reading to them and they love it when he reads Enid Blyton stories at bedtime.
  4. He doesn’t take any nonsense and knows when they’re trying to pull a fast one! Unlike me who believes just about everything they say!
  5. He doesn’t panic. He remains calm no matter what the situation, which in turn helps to stop me panicking!
  6. He’s an excellent cook and really takes care to serve up meals that not only taste delicious, they always look wonderful. The girls say my cooking is ok but dad takes care to make them look nice!
  7. He can turn his hand to anything and this week knocked up a sofa out of off cuts of wood, for the ‘she shed’ we’ve been making for the girls 🙂 We said, can you make us a sofa and he said yes of course and now we have a brilliant handmade sofa!
  8. He toughens them up. I mollycoddle them, like letting them come in and sit down if they fall off their bike and graze their knee, he gets them back out there and back on the bike 🙂
  9. He’s really clever and one of my standard answers, when they’re asking tough questions is, ‘go and ask your dad, he’ll know!’.
  10. He loves me unconditionally and treats me with the utmost respect. He’s a wonderful role model for our girls and Aiden.
  11. He quit smoking using a vape because he loves them and he wants to be there for them as long as possible 🙂

Ella and dad

For anyone wondering what we bought him from HomeSense, it was a pasta maker. It’s currently attached to the kitchen table. His very first attempts at making pasta (tagliatelle) are hanging over a coat hanger, drying!

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