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Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

It’s Father’s Day here in the UK on Sunday, June 17th. Ant prefers homemade Father’s Day gifts so I’ve picked out a few ideas from Pinterest that the children can make for him.
If you’d like more ideas, I have lots of pins on my Dad Gifts Pinterest board.

Father’s Day Card

First up we have a fun Father’s Day card. It’s from

KayCee and Ella love making their own cards and there are loads of ideas on Pinterest.

homemade Father's Day gifts - Dad, You're the Coolest card

Check out HomeSchoolPreSchool’s Pinterest boards.

Nuts About You, Dad

Ant loves all kinds of nuts so this would be a great gift for him. If you can’t find a big tub of nuts like this one, you could buy a cheap Kilner jar and fill it with his favourite nuts.
The tutorial and a link to the printable label can be found on Don’t Waste The Crumbs

homemade Father's Day gifts - We're Nuts About You, Dad

Here’s Don’t Waste The Crumbs Pinterest profile

Lolly Stick Pen Holder

We have different coloured lolly sticks that we got from The Works so we wouldn’t need to paint them. It’s quicker but less fun for the children!
Ella would love making this because she likes being able to use the hot glue gun!

Lolly stick pen holder

You can find the tutorial for this craft on Mama Of Many Blessings.

My Dad Rocks – Paperweight

KayCee and Ella love rock painting. This is an easy one for little ones to do.

We did loads of rock painting last summer. We planned on putting them around the garden. Unfortunately, we never got around to coating them with varnish so they’re still in a box somewhere.
I really must get that sorted because they’re too nice to be hidden away in a box!

homemade Father's Day gifts - My Dad Rocks paperweight

Visit Our Family World for the tutorial

We Love You To Pieces

Finally, we have a cute little bottle filled with Reece’s Pieces. Mind you, if the children made for this Ant, I don’t think he’d see many of them…..Reece’s Pieces are my favourite!

homemade Father's Day gifts - Reece's pieces in a bottle - We love you to pieces

You’ll find the printable labels at Nothing But Country

I hope you have fun making a gift with your children, however, if you just don’t have time to make a gift this year, I’ve seen some great gifts at places like Argos and B&M.
Before buying from Argos I always check online for promotions and discount codes. Usually, you can save up to 25% or £50 off.

Emoji Golf Balls

These very colourful and fun Emoji golf balls! are only £9.99

Emoji golf balls Argos

Nikon D3400 Camera

For something a little more extravagant, you can currently* get £50 off a Nikon camera using the following code:


Nikon DSLR


I have a Nikon Coolpix camera at the moment. I would LOVE this camera and it’s going on my ‘when we win the lottery wishlist’!


Whether you get homemade Father’s Day gifts or something picked especially for you from the shops by your precious little people, I hope all the fathers out there have a wonderful day 🙂

For more Father’s Day ideas, check out a post by Me, Him, The Dog & A Baby

* Correct at time of publication

This is a collaborative post


A Lovely Father’s Day Was Had By All

Lovely Father’s Day

Ant doesn’t much care for Father’s Day. He doesn’t like the kids spending money on him so we decided to just make him gifts this year. Well, not including the books we wrapped up for him but they’re all from the charity shop. He doesn’t mind us getting books from there!

Kaycee had been planning her Father’s Day gift for a couple of weeks. She was in France with school last week so didn’t get it finished. She wanted some photos printing. Ant does all the printing here so we had to tell him that the photos were for a school art project!

Kaycee’s Gifts

She managed to get it finished; it’s a box of letters that he can open at different times.

Lovely Father's Day Lovely Father's Day Lovely Father's Day Lovely Father's Day

He’s only allowed to open two letters a week though, so it’s a gift that keeps on giving 🙂


On Saturday she also decided to make another gift for him. It wasn’t a small gift either! It was a fully functioning Dadopoly game.
She got Ella to help but Ella doesn’t have a very long attention span and soon got bored. It was a huge task and Kaycee was getting a little upset because she didn’t think she’d get it done in time.
I went upstairs to help and we managed to get loads done 🙂

She also got Nanny and Kellyann to help with making the Dad Dollars when we went to Nanny’s in the evening.
She worked really hard and we spent the afternoon on Sunday playing Dadopoly. Ant absolutely loved it.

Lovely Father's Day Lovely Father's Day

She used family names for the streets and instead of stations she had garden centres because he’s doing lots of garden work at the moment!

Lovely Father's Day Lovely Father's Day

Luckily Ant has lots of kids so she was able to fill quite a few ‘streets’!

Lovely Father's Day

When she ran out of family names she used his favourite things……like wine, beer and chocolate!

Lovely Father's Day

For playing pieces she used little ornaments from her bedroom. This one was Ella’s 🙂 Ant had the teddy with the crown on because it was his day and he was king!

Lovely Father's Day

Stem Ginger Cup Cakes

Ella also made her own gift for him; delicious ginger cupcakes with ginger frosting using a recipe from Sticker Fingers.
Ant doesn’t eat much cake but he had 3 cupcakes and has saved some for later! He also got some of his favourite wine from his daughter and a gift voucher from one of the boys.

Ant cooked us a gorgeous roast dinner which we all enjoyed, despite the extreme heat we’ve got at the moment!

He said it was a perfect Father’s Day and went to bed a happy daddy 🙂

Lovely Father's Day


11 Reasons why he’s the most super wonderful father!

Happy father’s Day

Firstly, we want to wish the super wonderful husband a very happy father’s day.

Kaycee and dad

We all adore him and wanted to share just a few of the reasons why he’s a super wonderful father 🙂

  1. He makes them laugh – even when they’re being grumpy and trying to refuse to laugh, he gets them to give in!
  2. He has a ‘daddy fix it’ box for them to put broken things in. It’s not very often he comes across something he can’t fix 🙂
  3. He enjoys reading to them and they love it when he reads Enid Blyton stories at bedtime.
  4. He doesn’t take any nonsense and knows when they’re trying to pull a fast one! Unlike me who believes just about everything they say!
  5. He doesn’t panic. He remains calm no matter what the situation, which in turn helps to stop me panicking!
  6. He’s an excellent cook and really takes care to serve up meals that not only taste delicious, they always look wonderful. The girls say my cooking is ok but dad takes care to make them look nice!
  7. He can turn his hand to anything and this week knocked up a sofa out of off cuts of wood, for the ‘she shed’ we’ve been making for the girls 🙂 We said, can you make us a sofa and he said yes of course and now we have a brilliant handmade sofa!
  8. He toughens them up. I mollycoddle them, like letting them come in and sit down if they fall off their bike and graze their knee, he gets them back out there and back on the bike 🙂
  9. He’s really clever and one of my standard answers, when they’re asking tough questions is, ‘go and ask your dad, he’ll know!’.
  10. He loves me unconditionally and treats me with the utmost respect. He’s a wonderful role model for our girls and Aiden.
  11. He quit smoking using a vape because he loves them and he wants to be there for them as long as possible 🙂

Ella and dad

For anyone wondering what we bought him from HomeSense, it was a pasta maker. It’s currently attached to the kitchen table. His very first attempts at making pasta (tagliatelle) are hanging over a coat hanger, drying!

Father’s Day at HomeSense

Father’s Day

The girls and I took Ant to HomeSense at the weekend and asked him to have a wander around and pick some things he’d add to a wishlist for Father’s Day on Sunday.

I didn’t think there’d be much he’d choose but I reckon his wishlist is bigger than mine!

He’s really into his historical nautical fiction so I knew he’d want these items added to his wishlist!

HomeSense nautical instruments

HomeSense telescope

HomeSense globe

He does like to BBQ and there’s a great selection of BBQ tools

HomeSense BBQ tools

HomeSense BBQ glove

He’s not a big chocoholic like me but he does enjoy it occasionally.

HomeSense chocolate monkey wrench

HomeSense spicy ginger chocolate bar

HomeSense chocolates

HomeSense pistachio and marzipan truffle

The girls and I picked the mugs

HomeSense super hero mug

HomeSense my shed is my castle mug

And his final choice…

HomeSense portable washer set - Father's day

To find out what we actually bought him, you’ll have to come back next week 😉


Please note: we were sent a gift card to treat daddy on Father’s Day in return for this post.

Father’s Day Gifts To Make

Before I start this post I have to say this to Ant………DO NOT READ THIS POST about Father’s Day!!!
Ok, with the dad out of the way, I wanted to share some Father’s Day gifts to make. Ant doesn’t like us to spend money on Father’s Day. He says he doesn’t think there should be a Father’s Day but I know he loves the gifts they make him so he doesn’t protest too much!
These cards are perfect for Ant because he loves a good play on words and is always teasing the kids by using the wrong words. They used to look at him funny, like they had no idea what he was talking about but now they usually understand every time and find it funny 🙂
The minion one would be perfect from Ella (changed from Mom to dad of course!) because she loves the minions and has minion stickers on her wardrobe 🙂
father's day gifts to make - homemade card
father's day gifts to make - homemade card
For a craft that they can work on together, I found this canvas that I know they’ll really enjoy making.
father's day gifts to make - handprint canvas
The kids are home this weekend (they go to Derbyshire 2 weeks out of three to Aiden’s dad’s) so I’m planning on getting organised a week early rather than rushing around the night before!

Father’s Day – Folding picture gift – A tutorial

This is a sponsored post*

We’re getting organised early for Father’s Day this year. I hope you enjoy our Father’s Day Folding Picture Gift Tutorial. If you make one of these with your children, we’d love to see your results 🙂
If you don’t get chance to make your father’s day cards, you can get some really lovely ones at Hallmark cards.

To Daddy – do not read until after Father’s Day!

The girl’s love drawing and writing and I’m always finding pictures or notes left for us lying around.
I thought it would be nice to save any special ones and give them as a gift for Father’s Day. I remembered a craft I’d done with the children in an infants school I was placed in when doing my nursery nurse training and knew the girls would love to make these for daddy.

All you need is a piece of A4 paper and some card.

Cut two luggage tag shapes from the piece of card then get the child/ren to draw a special picture for daddy or print out some special photos if they’re too young to draw.
They can also decorate the card pieces if you like.

Fold the paper, concertina style.

Then fold in it three

Glue a piece of card to each end of the paper


so it can be opened out

Make holes on each side and tie some pretty ribbon through them.

And there you have it, a lovely keepsake for Daddy 🙂

Today’s 365 photo

I’m going to let Ella decorate this one and get KayCee to make her own.

We’ve got more crafts to do before Father’s Day; I can’t wait to see Ant open them all 🙂

*Disclosure of Material Connection: This is a
“sponsored post.” The company who sponsored it compensated me via a cash
payment, gift, or something else of value to write it. Regardless, I only
recommend products or services I use personally and/or believe will be good for
my readers.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I’m afraid before I start this post, I have to ask my super wonderful husband to step away from the computer; as River Song says….. ‘Spoilers’!

We’re going to be making a Father’s Day gift so I thought it would be a good idea to gather some Father’s Day gift ideas together. We have to do it early because I need to buy the craft supplies and I’m terrible at leaving things to the last minute then running out of time!

Ok, now that the father in question has shut down the blog and resisited the temptation to peek! I can get on with the various crafts we’ve been looking at to make the perfect gift for daddy.

We always make a Father’s Day gift because Ant doesn’t care for the commercialism of Father’s Day.
I’ve been browsing Pinterest (where else?!) and found some lovely ideas although the first isn’t actually from Pinterest! It’s from one of my favourite blogs, Sticky Fingers.

1) Homemade photography gift
When I saw this I knew we were going to make it as a gift for someone. I hadn’t worked out who but grandparents were at the top of the list.
After seeing another version on Pinterest while browsing for Father’s Day gift ideas, I remembered that I bought a frame for this project the week Tara posted it but it had been put away and forgotten about.
I’m now going to find it out and round up the kids (who will, no doubt, run when I mention the word ‘photo’!) so we can get creative and make a wonderful keepsake for Daddy 🙂 It can be a joint present from all three of them.
Our frame has room for five photos and we have three kids (well, three at home….I’d need a bigger frame if I wanted to do all the kids as Ant has another six grown up children!) and I think I’m going to do this with them for the middle photo.

2) I think these footprint butterflies would be the perfect gift from Ella. She LOVES butterflies and ladybugs but what’s even more perfect, she loves painting herself so I know she’s going to really enjoy painting her feet!

3) I love this idea from Feeling Stitchy and I think it’s a project KayCee would love to do 🙂

4) Aiden and Ant share the same sense of humour and I know they’ll both think that a packet of doughnut seeds is a brilliantly funny idea! It’s a really easy gift as well, just print out a seed packet, cut it out and stick together then put in some cheerios for the seeds!

5) There’s a lovely free printable at A Proffittable Life using dad-ism’s that I can remember my dad saying so I might just make it into a fathers day card for him 🙂

6) This is a great idea from Lovely Design. I may possibly use it as one of the poses for the photo frame.

7) Another handprint idea is to make the handprint from each family member into the branches of a family tree although ours would have to be a lot bigger to incorporate all the children’s hands!

I have a few more ideas on my Father’s Day Pinterest board and no doubt will be adding to it as I come across more crafts.

If you have any links to Father’s Day crafts that you’d like to share, please feel free to let us know in the comments sections.
We’re always on the lookout for nice, homemade gift ideas 🙂

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