A Lovely Father’s Day Was Had By All

Lovely Father’s Day

Ant doesn’t much care for Father’s Day. He doesn’t like the kids spending money on him so we decided to just make him gifts this year. Well, not including the books we wrapped up for him but they’re all from the charity shop. He doesn’t mind us getting books from there!

Kaycee had been planning her Father’s Day gift for a couple of weeks. She was in France with school last week so didn’t get it finished. She wanted some photos printing. Ant does all the printing here so we had to tell him that the photos were for a school art project!

Kaycee’s Gifts

She managed to get it finished; it’s a box of letters that he can open at different times.

Lovely Father's Day Lovely Father's Day Lovely Father's Day Lovely Father's Day

He’s only allowed to open two letters a week though, so it’s a gift that keeps on giving 🙂


On Saturday she also decided to make another gift for him. It wasn’t a small gift either! It was a fully functioning Dadopoly game.
She got Ella to help but Ella doesn’t have a very long attention span and soon got bored. It was a huge task and Kaycee was getting a little upset because she didn’t think she’d get it done in time.
I went upstairs to help and we managed to get loads done 🙂

She also got Nanny and Kellyann to help with making the Dad Dollars when we went to Nanny’s in the evening.
She worked really hard and we spent the afternoon on Sunday playing Dadopoly. Ant absolutely loved it.

Lovely Father's Day Lovely Father's Day

She used family names for the streets and instead of stations she had garden centres because he’s doing lots of garden work at the moment!

Lovely Father's Day Lovely Father's Day

Luckily Ant has lots of kids so she was able to fill quite a few ‘streets’!

Lovely Father's Day

When she ran out of family names she used his favourite things……like wine, beer and chocolate!

Lovely Father's Day

For playing pieces she used little ornaments from her bedroom. This one was Ella’s 🙂 Ant had the teddy with the crown on because it was his day and he was king!

Lovely Father's Day

Stem Ginger Cup Cakes

Ella also made her own gift for him; delicious ginger cupcakes with ginger frosting using a recipe from Sticker Fingers.
Ant doesn’t eat much cake but he had 3 cupcakes and has saved some for later! He also got some of his favourite wine from his daughter and a gift voucher from one of the boys.

Ant cooked us a gorgeous roast dinner which we all enjoyed, despite the extreme heat we’ve got at the moment!

He said it was a perfect Father’s Day and went to bed a happy daddy 🙂

Lovely Father's Day


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  1. Ant 20th June 2017 at 6:49 am

    So proud of all my children

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