Daily Fresh Bread

As a long time follower of Slimming World, having the kitchen smell of freshly baked bread on a daily basis can sometimes be a complete nightmare!
When my willpower is low, that beautiful white bread sits there on the counter, calling to me to cut a couple of slices, pop them in the toaster then spread them with butter while they’re still hot so it melts into the bread.

Ok, I’m stopping the self-torture now!

Home made bread

If you don’t have the stamina to mix and knead your dough, you can use the recipe in a mixer that has a dough hook or in a breadmaker.
We used a breadmaker for a while then Ant did it all by hand until his mum bought him a stand mixer for Christmas.
He said he’s not getting any younger and kneading the dough takes it out of him so he loves his new mixer!

Here’s the recipe he uses for his bread; he says it’s foolproof 🙂


475g strong flour
6g salt
6g sugar
4g easy bake yeast
300ml luke warm water


Put salt first, then flour sugar and yeast in a bowl.

Mix in 2 thirds of the water until it starts to bind then gradually add the rest, mixing all the time.

Knead on an oiled surface for 10 minutes then put in a bowl, cover with a wet tea towel or oiled clingfilm and allow to rise until it has doubled in volume.

Empty out onto an oiled surface and knock back (knock the air out by folding and kneading).

Flatten dough into a rectangle then fold in the 2 small ends. Fold each side long side in to make a sausage. With the seam at the bottom, put into a loaf tin. Cover as before and leave to rise until it has doubled in volume.

Bake in a pre-heated oven 220°Fan/240°C/Gas 9 for 25 minutes.

Tip: We have a tray of water in the bottom of our oven when baking the bread as it stops the crust from hardening too quickly.


Home made bread rolls Daily fresh bread

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