Photo a day – 23rd January to 29th January

 23rd January to 29th January

23rd January
I reckon Monday photos are going to be our meal planning ones for the week because I love planning ahead now 🙂

Meal Planning Monday Menu 23rd January

January 24th
I have no idea what she’s laughing at!
Ella laughing


January 25th
My nightly treat. I save my Slimming World syns for the day so I can indulge my chocolate cravings in the evening while we’re watching TV when the kids are in bed!

Banana, flake and weight watchers yogurt

January 26th
We went months without having lasagne but now the kids want it every week!

Slimming World Lasagne

Janaury 27th
I haven’t had hifi bars for ages so decided to try all the new flavours this week. The chocolate orange one is my favourite but the jam roly poly one is nice as well. The toffee apple popcorn is ok but I won’t be buying it again.

Slimming World HiFi bars

January 28th
My little poser 🙂

Ella posing

January 29th
I treated myself to this boxset using some Amazon vouchers I got for doing a blog post. I’d usually use vouchers for buying birthday or Christmas presents for other people but I decided I wanted to spend them all on myself for a change! :o)
Game of Thrones season 1-4 boxset
TheBoyandMe's 366 Linky


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  1. Kim Carberry 30th January 2016 at 8:37 pm

    Fab photos! I do like all the yummy food. Those bars sound delicious.
    Good for you for treating yourself. Enjoy watching. 😀

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