Where’s the snow?

For Christmas 2013 I bought Aiden, Kaycee, and Ella a sledge each. They still have the stickers on because we’ve HAD. NO. SNOW.

No Snow

It’s not fair! I’m getting a bit fed up with our snowless Christmases now! I used to LOVE going down The Flat (someone’s idea of a joke name for a big hill I used to walk up to get to school every morning!) on a sledge and would spend hours playing with my friends.

Ok, so snowless Christmas isn’t strictly true, it snowed quite heavily on Boxing day last year, but it was gone by the next day and anyway, it was Boxing day which meant Christmas had done and as far as I was concerned, it could have stayed away!

Snow Angels

Ella keeps asking when it’s going to snow because she wants to go out and make snow angels. She also wants to build snowmen and have snowball fights with Kaycee and Aiden. I want them to pack the snow down tight on the path and make a wonderful ice slide like we used to do in the school playground then subsequently get told off for making the playground ‘dangerous’!

The talk of sledging in December is almost as prevalent as the talk of getting the paddling pool out is in the summer! If I let them, the girls would spend all day swimming in the pool; they don’t even care when it rains!

It seems to be every day that someone mentions the snow and quite frankly, I think I’d rather it still be summer because getting some sun in the summer is more likely than getting some snow in the winter!

Snow in 2012
Winter 2012 – Wish it would snow like this again!

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