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Frosty Windows – Winter Like It Used To Be

After the very hot Summer, I keep seeing it mentioned that we could have a bad a Winter this year. Now when they say bad, they mean lots of snow, but to me, that’s not a bad thing! That would be a very good Winter because it’s the kind of Winters we used to have when I was younger and I loved lots of snow and frosty windows!

Frosty Windows

I remember waking up on a cold Winter morning, opening the curtains and seeing frost on the window. I loved the patterns it made. Then I’d gaze in wonder at a world that had been turned into a cold, snowy wonderland.

I loved that feeling of excitement I’d get and I couldn’t wait to get dressed and go out in the snow.

frost on a window

School Closures

I’m sure our school must have closed sometimes when it snowed but I can’t remember it doing so. I do remember having to walk to and from school in the snow. To get to my school I had to go down my street, along a short bit of the main road, through a little field, over a small bridge and up a big field that was quite a steep hill and it was called The Flat!


The Flat was the place to go when you wanted to go sledging. I can’t recall us having a proper sledge, though. We used whatever we could find. One year someone brought an old car bonnet and loads of us would pile on. It was brilliant!

I did get in trouble with my parents one year, though. I think I’ve mentioned this before (probably more than once….my memory is terrible!), after school, some friends and I were messing around in the snow on The Flat and we lost track of time. It was dark and way past tea time when I got home. I got into serious trouble and I always went straight home from school after that day!

a boy sledging - Winter like it used to be

Outside Toilet

Our house was a council house that had brick outhouses, one was an outside toilet, one a coal house and the third was a storage area.
If we’d been out playing in the snow and we needed the toilet, we weren’t allowed to go to the toilet inside because with four children and lots of friends, it would mean we were in and out all the time so we had to use the outside toilet.

I can still remember having to sit on that freezing seat! I also remember the smell of the oil lamp. Because of the freezing weather, my dad would wrap the pipes in cloth and keep an oil lamp lit in there overnight.
You wouldn’t think much heat would be produced by an oil lamp but it did the job brilliantly. The pipes never froze!

These days we’d just get the pipes properly insulated by this pipe insulation company. I know if I were the one responsible for lighting the oil lamp every night I’d totally forget!

I Live In Hope!

Ant will not be agreeing with my wish for a snowy Winter because he’s not a fan, but even so, I’ll live in hope!

This is a collaborative post

Where’s the snow?

For Christmas 2013 I bought Aiden, Kaycee, and Ella a sledge each. They still have the stickers on because we’ve HAD. NO. SNOW.

No Snow

It’s not fair! I’m getting a bit fed up with our snowless Christmases now! I used to LOVE going down The Flat (someone’s idea of a joke name for a big hill I used to walk up to get to school every morning!) on a sledge and would spend hours playing with my friends.

Ok, so snowless Christmas isn’t strictly true, it snowed quite heavily on Boxing day last year, but it was gone by the next day and anyway, it was Boxing day which meant Christmas had done and as far as I was concerned, it could have stayed away!

Snow Angels

Ella keeps asking when it’s going to snow because she wants to go out and make snow angels. She also wants to build snowmen and have snowball fights with Kaycee and Aiden. I want them to pack the snow down tight on the path and make a wonderful ice slide like we used to do in the school playground then subsequently get told off for making the playground ‘dangerous’!

The talk of sledging in December is almost as prevalent as the talk of getting the paddling pool out is in the summer! If I let them, the girls would spend all day swimming in the pool; they don’t even care when it rains!

It seems to be every day that someone mentions the snow and quite frankly, I think I’d rather it still be summer because getting some sun in the summer is more likely than getting some snow in the winter!

Snow in 2012
Winter 2012 – Wish it would snow like this again!

The Gallery – New

It’s been a while since I joined in with the gallery and it’s my first entry to See it, snap it, love it, which I found through The Gallery 🙂 I love taking photos so any excuse to take more is good for me! Let’s hope I can stay organised enough to join in more often with them both!
Today the theme is new and of course I’m a snow lover so I had to take a picture of new snow!
I’m hoping for more soon but the S.W.H. (super wonderful husband) isn’t keen and wants it to stay away!


Snow :)

We love the snow. We’d have loved it more if it had made an appearance around Christmas but never mind, it’s here now and here are some pictures from the back garden 🙂
























Flashback Friday

I read a post about Autumn earlier this week and I started getting excited about it’s arrival and also that of Christmas 🙂 I love autumn and winter. I don’t like being cold but I do love wearing my fur lined boot slippers and big snuggly cardigan.
When they come out of storage, I start to feel Christmasey! It won’t be long now, my feet are a little chilly and I may just have to get the throw from the back of the chair to cover them up for a bit.
I came across this photo while looking for something else and thought it would be the perfect photo for my Flashback Friday post.

This was taken in January this year so not too far back but I remember going into the garden and seeing this stunning view. I just had to go back and get my camera. Looking at this photo, I can feel the freezing cold air on my face, feel the pain as it took my breath away if I tried to breathe in too deeply.
I wrapped my cardi tighter round my body and just stood for a moment, taking it all in.
We’d had quite heavy snow in December and I got great pictures but even the beauty of the snow (which just happens to be my favourite weather ever!) didn’t compare to the way the trees looked on that day.

I can’t wait for winter/snow/Christmas and I’m starting to get a little excited thinking about it!
Let’s hope (although I know my husband and Father in law won’t agree….mind you, they do have to drive in it while I don’t!) we have lots of snow this Christmas and more opportunities to take photos like these 🙂
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