Asda and Lidl Christmas adverts

I somehow missed the fact that the Asda Christmas advert and the Lidl Christmas advert have been shown earlier than usual.

With regards to the Asda advert, I have to say that I hadn’t really missed anything! To put it nicely, it’s not my cup of tea.

I do, however, like the Lidl advert. I like the idea of a school for Christmas and want to get a job there, helping people with all things Christmas!

Lots of people will think it’s too early for the Christmas ads but as you know, I’m totally happy to be focused on Christmas throughout November and I know it’s daft but I’m excited to see the John Lewis advert, which will be on YouTube at 8 am on Friday 6th November.

And yes, I have set a reminder on my phone!

Is it too early for Christmas adverts, in your opinion?


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  3. Cheryl Pasquier 4th November 2015 at 8:06 am

    I love the big build up to Christmas and both of the adverts made me feel all warm inside ! I wonder if sprouts in the kettle really works – wouldn't fancy having sprout-flavoured water afterwards every time I used the ketle though !

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