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We went to parent teacher night tonight and for the first time since Kaycee started school, we came away feeling really happy.

Close up of Kaycee

She always gets good reports, does well with her work and gets on with others but we’ve always had a worry about her spelling. All her teachers have, not brushed off our concerns, but rather made us feel like there wasn’t a problem and it would sort itself out.

She starts secondary school next year and her spelling isn’t getting any better.

She’s absolutely brilliant at writing. If she carries on the way she is I truly believe she could be a wonderful novelist (and that’s not just me being biased!), all her teachers talk about how expressive her writing is but we feel her spelling lets it down.

Tonight, for the first time ever, her teacher expressed the same concerns we’ve always had and it was wonderful to finally feel like our concerns were real and that something needs to be done.
She’s already started work on helping all the class get better at spelling and if Kaycee needs extra help in the future, she’s going to make sure she gets it.

I’ve written before about trying to help Kaycee at home with spelling and now she’s getting extra help at school, I’m confident that we’re going to see a big improvement by the end of this school year.

Both Ant and I really liked her new teacher and we think she’s going to be brilliant for Kaycee this year 🙂

Close up of Ella

Ella’s doing great as well and her teacher doesn’t have any concerns at all, for which we were really pleased!
She hasn’t noticed a problem with Ella not focusing (she does have trouble at home with concentration) and thinks that maybe it was an age thing and she’s starting to grow out of it.

I think both girls have been really lucky to get such great teachers 🙂

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