Revamping plans afoot!

Every year, around this time I start hankering after change.

I don’t usually like change but there’s something about the new year that makes me want to do stuff and by stuff I mean things like putting new flooring down because the flooring that we got just under a year ago, for what we thought was such a bargain, turned out to be horrible and not a bargain at all!

It never looks clean, no matter how I clean it. Ant bought me a steam mop for my birthday last year because I was convinced that having a steam mop would get the kitchen floor looking all nice again.

It didn’t.

Talking of floors, we HAVE to change the flooring in the living room. The carpet that’s down was left by the previous owner and we were grateful for it when we got the keys last year. It was one less expense but after a year of a cream carpet and three kids and the occasional dog (the lovely mother in law’s dog comes to visit and sometimes to stay a while) it really doesn’t look very good.

It’s not often either of us use the word hate but we both have done when talking about this carpet!

I also need to shorten some curtains for the window in the living room because even though it has blinds, they’re cream ones and the light comes through, shines on the TV and makes it nearly impossible to watch.
Another solution, though, and less work for me, would be to buy some blackout blinds. I’ve had a quick search online and found some interesting ones at

Another area that desperately needs change is the garden.

Revamping plans afoot - garden needs work

We left it last year because there was so much to do in the house we just didn’t have the time or the money (well, we still don’t have the money!) but this year, even if we don’t get the big projects done like the stream/pond feature and the covered patio area, we can at least rid it of all the rubbish that’s accumulated there over the year.

I’m starting my changes tomorrow and my first port of call is Kaycee’s and Ella’s room. I need to make it easier for them to put things away but it keeps getting in a right state and it’s becoming very stressful for all concerned.
Ant’s getting sick of not being able to walk on the floor because everything’s dumped there and I’m getting sick of having to spend hours cleaning it.
I’m also fed up of feeling guilty about Kaycee because she’s the oldest and ends up cleaning it on her own when it’s Ella who makes 95% of the mess.

It’s quite embarrassing to show you this but here is their room today…

messy bedroom

I’m going to get Ant to put up some shelves around the top of the room for all the teddies and I’m going to sort through the hundreds of books and store the ones that are too young for them now, in the loft for when we have more grandchildren 🙂

It’s going to be a lot of hard work, organising, cleaning, digging and building but it’s going to be worth it!

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  1. Tracy K Nixon 20th January 2015 at 7:50 pm

    Good luck Shell! I am just like you! As soon as New Year arrives, I want my Christmas decorations down and then I want to Spring clean and renovate! Kaycee's and Ella's room looks just like my two girl's room lol! But it is not as bad as my two boy's room! Wish me luck too!

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