Weekly weigh in – 2lb lost

After having a good week last week I came home from my weekly weigh in at Slimming World and went totally off the rails. I don’t know why, I just lost all control.

Weekly weigh in - 2lb lost - Smiley thumbs up


It took me until Sunday to sort myself out and get back on track.

I contemplated not going to the weigh in this week. I’ve only ever felt like that a couple of times before and I always have to talk myself out of it because I know if I miss a week I’ll not go back.

The change in my attitude came yesterday while I got dressed to go to work in the charity shop. I got dressed in the dark (it takes me a while to wake up and be able to switch the lights on in a morning!)  and pulled a pair of leggings out of the drawer. I thought they were my usual ones but as I was putting them I realised they felt a lot tighter than usual.
I started thinking I must have put loads on for them to be tight.

Later on, when I’d woken up and put the light on, I checked the label and found I’d picked a pair of leggings that had been in my ‘too small for now’ pile and was delighted to find they were a size 24 and they fit me!

I’ve been in a size 30/32 for years and I can’t explain how it felt to be wearing a size 24 😀

So I went to the weekly weigh in and got weighed, even though I was dreading it. Expecting a huge gain I stepped on and nearly cried thinking I’d put on nearly a stone! I saw the pound number was a 6 when last week it had been an 8 but I didn’t check the stones number. Sue told me I’d lost 2lb and I really couldn’t believe it.

I’m now in a great place, head wise and I’m aiming to have a brilliant week 🙂

weekly weigh in loss/gain table

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  1. Michelle Ordever 16th November 2014 at 10:55 am

    Well done you! It's fab isn't it when you put on smaller sized clothes and they fit! Don't forget to come and link up with #WWDISL xx

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