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5 Tips To Losing Weight Fast

The majority of people want to be in good shape, have a fit life or just be healthier than they currently are. Most of these probably require you to lose a bit of weight. There are many ways to reach your target but not all of them are recommended and not all of them are easy or cheap. You must make a decision on how you want to lose the weight and commit to it. Make sure you find the most suitable option for your lifestyle and of course, your budget. Here are some great ways to lose the weight quickly; maybe you will find the right option for you!

losing weight with liposuction

1)    Liposuction: By far the fastest way to lose weight, it is also the riskiest! Before considering this option, you definitely will want to get more information about the procedure. Clinics like liposuction Sydney can help you to find more information about the risks and benefits involved. It is important to research this procedure because it is not one size fits all. Keep in mind that this is a very invasive but very efficient way to achieve quick results. A doctor can give you all the details and run some tests on you before they confirm that you are a good candidate for the operation.

2)    Cardiovascular exercises: Of course, one of the most effective and healthy ways to lose weight is by doing exercise. However, not just any exercise – if you want to lose weight fast, you have to do at least 45 minutes of cardio every day. This method is not easy, requires a lot of discipline and consistency but certainly, it is the best way. Because it is a natural way to lose weight, your body will adapt easier and may not need any esthetic procedure after you reach your goal.

3)    Drink water: When you replace all your usual drinks for regular water, you are making one of the best changes possible. You will be keeping your body hydrated and cutting sugars that are not good for you, and of course, that don’t help with losing weight. Even if you are sceptical about whether this will really work, it is definitely worth giving a shot – you have nothing but weight to lose!

4)    Balanced diet: It doesn’t matter if you exercise or opt for surgery, if you don’t have a balanced diet, you won’t see any results or you will quickly revert to your initial weight. It is the main pillar on which weight loss stands. If you are not sure what you should be eating, speak with an expert and they will create a diet that fits your lifestyle. A nutritionist is the best person to consult in this situation.

5)    Drink coffee before working out: A cup of coffee before your workout routine activates your metabolism and helps to burn fat quicker. Besides that, it will hit you with a shot of energy, so your workout will be more intense. This will automatically will make you burn more calories and of course, lose pant sizes and weight.


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Fourth Weight Loss In A Row!

I’m on a roll with Slimming World at the moment. I’ve had my fourth weight loss in a row. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so committed and I’m really pleased to finally feel back in control.

Fourth Weight Loss

fourth weight loss - 1lb off

It’s just a short post from me today because I woke with a headache this morning that has slowly been turning into a migraine. I was doing really well as well. I’d been headache free for 5 days.

I was supposed to be going for lunch with the Slimming World ladies but I was in too much pain so I had to miss it 🙁

3 Weeks And Still On Plan At Slimming World

I’ve survived a few tempting meals this week. KayCee and Ella had some friends for a sleepover on Saturday so we had a takeaway. I was very tempted to have cheese and coleslaw on my jacket potato but instead, I had beans.

The next day KayCee had even more friends over for a murder mystery lunch to raise money for Macmillan. She served warm sausage rolls, chicken dippers, dips, cheesy Doritos, breadsticks and other goodies. When it came to clearing up afterwards, I didn’t touch a crumb of anything! Usually, I’d have finished off the leftovers but I really wanted to lose another 3lb.

I didn’t manage to lose 3lb at my Slimming World weigh in but I did lose 2lb and I was very happy with that. It’s been a long time since I’ve lost weight for 3 weeks in a row 🙂

2 pound loss slimming world


3.5lb Loss – Happy To Be Back On Track

I started back on Slimming World last week and was really happy with my 8lb weight loss. As you may know, I’ve been struggling with Slimming World for a few years. I’ve had plenty of new starts and always get a great result the first week.
The second week, even though I don’t do anything different, I usually end having a weight gain. It gets me down when I’ve tried hard all week and don’t get the results. I expected the same to happen this week but I was so happy when I had a 3.5lb loss 🙂

Back On Track

I feel like I’m properly back on track now, especially as Aiden’s doing it with me again, like on my proper first week. We were delighted with his first weigh in which resulted in a 12lb loss!!

3.5lb loss this week 🙂

3.5lb loss

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First Week Back At Slimming World – 8lb Loss

My head was back in gear last week after the break I took from Slimming World. I started back as a new member, but I kept my weight loss history. There’s no way I’m losing that after all this time!
My 8lb loss was a surprise but I was delighted 🙂

I took some food diaries home and just got my head in the new member place. I measured everything, counted every syn and recorded it all in my food diary.

8lb Loss By Sticking To It 100%

To keep me on track, I made extra chilli last night and served it with cauliflower rice for my lunch. I know from previous experience that if I have a good Wednesday, I have a good week.

I’m not doing treat days anymore because they don’t work. They just set me on the wrong path and I end up trying all week to undo the damage from 1 day. It’s just not worth it.

3lb Loss

I’m aiming for a 3lb loss this week. It will take me back to the 25 stone category and give me my 5 stone award back.

I really want my 8.5 stone award back and I feel like I’m finally in the right place to get there.

8lb loss

Took a Break From Slimming World But…

Now I’m back!

At the end of January, I was suffering terribly from migraines. I was getting them just about every day and they were taking it out of me. I stopped caring about trying to lose weight. There wasn’t much I did care about, to be honest. I was feeling constantly exhausted and I wasn’t dealing with the pain very well.

My Slimming World consultant totally understood my need for a break. I’m on her social team and decided to still keep doing the weigh-in every week. It was my way of not completely giving up. I knew I’d be back on plan when I was ready.

March 7th – Back On Plan

I went to do the weigh-in today and decided to buy a 12-week countdown. My plan was to get weighed but not be told my result. Wendy, the lovely lady who does the weighing with me, would have kept my book for me so I didn’t know my result.
Sometimes it helps me to not know if I’ve had a bad week but this time I decided I needed to face it and move on.

Big Gain – Food Diaries Will Help

As I said, I’ve not been weighed since the last week in January and during February I was like the Very Hungry Caterpillar, eating everything in sight. The problem was, I wasn’t hungry. I just ate anyway and I didn’t turn into a beautiful butterfly, I just added a stone and a half that has now taken me to the heaviest I’ve been in 4 years.

My total loss with Slimming World was 8 and a half stone and I’ve now put 4 stones back on.
I’m not happy with this and to help me get back on track I’ve brought 4 food diaries home with me. In my mind, I’m now a new member. I’ve counted syns and measured healthy extras just like I did when I first joined.

Not Giving Up

It’s been very tough for me these last few years but I’m never going to give up trying to get to my dream weight.

food diaries. pen, tomato and tape measure


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Back (Again!) On Slimming World With A 9lb Loss

Last year wasn’t a very good year for me in regards to my weight loss journey. I kept going to Slimming World all year which stopped me putting all the weight back on that I’d lost but I am half a stone heavier now than I was at this time last year.
I put 14.5lb on over the 2 weeks at Christmas and New Year so I was very happy to see a 9lb loss this week 🙂

I’ve made a pact with my friend, Wendy, who does the weighing with me at our group, that this is going to be our year. Knowing that we’re counting on each other to do our best every week will help us stay on track.

9lb Loss

9lb loss slimming world

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Give Your Weight Loss The Boost It Needs!

weight loss
Image from Pexels

One of the most frustrating things about weight loss is the fact that most of us are pretty impatient. We want results, and we want them now. Of course, deep down most of us know that if you want to see genuine results, then it’s going to take time. However, that doesn’t make it any less discouraging to step on the scales day after day only to find that almost nothing has changed. That kind of thing can be seriously demoralising, and it’s often enough to make some people want to give up on their weight loss journey altogether. Of course, that’s the last thing you want, so it’s much better to try and make sure that you’re able to keep your motivation up as much as possible. In order to do that, here are a few things that you can do in order to give your weight loss that boost that it really needs.


Find a new diet plan


One of the reasons that you might be struggling to keep your motivation up when it comes to your weight loss is that the diet plan that you’re on simply isn’t right for you. There are thousands upon thousands of diet plans out there from low-calorie meal plans like Slimming World or shake based diets like the kind you’ll find at The key is to find the one that actually works for you. No one’s body is the same, and no one is going to respond to any diet plan in the same way as anyone else. You need to think about not only the kinds of things that will work for your body but what kinds of plans are going to help you keep your motivation levels up. If you hate your diet plan and every second of it is misery, then it’s going to be pretty difficult to find any motivation whatsoever. Find a plan that’s right for you, and it’s going to feel a lot less like hard work.


Mix it with exercise


One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of people make is that they assume that a diet alone is going to be enough to get them to the size and shape that they really want. Sure, this might be true in the early days or if you’re trying to lose a tiny bit of weight. Otherwise, you need to make sure that you’re combining your diet with a healthy and active lifestyle. This means that you’re probably going to end up mixing in some time at the gym if at all possible. The kind of exercise that you do is going to have just as much of an impact on how easily you can achieve your goals. If you’re trying to tone up then weight training is great, but if you’re just trying to slim down, then you might be better off focussing purely on cardio. The best thing to do is to speak to a personal trainer and try and figure out a personalised workout plan that will help you reach your goals.


Reach out for support


One of the hardest things about any diet is the fact that doing it alone can be a pretty unpleasant experience. This is for a couple of reasons. For one, being on a diet while everyone around you is eating whatever they want can be utterly miserable, as well as making it extremely tempting to give up altogether. Not only that but it’s far easier to make excuses and give up if you don’t have someone else holding you accountable. If you have support from someone, whether it’s a friend, colleague, family member, or anyone else, then it’s going to be far easier to stick with your diet, even when things get tough.


Of course, even with this advice, there may come a time when it feels like your weight loss has plateaued somewhat. The truth is that this is kind of inevitable. When you first start out the pounds will probably be dropping off you at high speed, but as your weight evens out a little, things are going to go more slowly. The best thing to do is to remind yourself that this is actually a sign that things are working. Sure, things might be slowing down but, as long as you keep at it, your weight loss isn’t going to stop altogether. As long as you can keep your goals in sight at all times, you can still push forward and reach your target weight. The key is to be patient, and not get too discouraged when things seem to slow down.

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Update – Monthly Weight Loss

June Weight Loss Monthly Update

Slimming World Monthly Weigh In Results Update

Well, let’s see how I’ve done at Slimming World this month!

Weight on 31st May – 24 stone 7lb

7th June – 2.5lb loss
14th June – 1lb gain
21st June – 1.5lb gain
28th June – 1lb gain

Weight on 28th June – 24 stone 8lb


I haven’t been great this month, as you can see. The gains came from Sunday lunches that included dessert. We had my mother and father in law over for dinner one Sunday then the following Sunday was Father’s Day.
The week after wasn’t down to any one particular day, I had a bad week. I wasn’t on plan and had some weight gain because of it. Totally my fault but I’m back on it.

I’m writing everything down this week and even though we have a BBQ planned for Sunday, I’ve bought low syn sausages for me. I’m going to make my own burgers and I’m going to have salad instead of bread.


Monthly Weight Loss Slimming World Results

Monthly Weight Loss Results

monthly weight loss results

I’ve decided to do one post a month with my monthly weight loss results. I found myself saying the same thing over and over every Wednesday. I figured I’d just say it once a month instead!

So here are my results for May

Weight at start of the month – 24 stone 3.5 lbs
Weight at the end of the month – 24 stone 7lbs

Weekly results

3rd May ~ On Holiday
10th May ~  +5.5 lbs Holiday Gain!
17th May ~  -4lbs
24th May ~ +1.5lbs
31st May ~ +0.5lb

Well, I didn’t do very well last month, did I?! Oh well, as always I’ll keep on trying. My aim for June is to lose 8lb so I’m back in the 23 stone category again.

For more information, visit the Slimming World website.




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