Fresh Air Activities Your Kids Will Love

Getting some fresh air and
exercise is one of the best ways to keep healthy and it’s also one of the least
expensive family activities you can do. There’s no better way to bond as a
family than having fun in the great outdoors and there are plenty of pastimes
available not too far from your doorstep.

Benefits of being

Fresh air, new sights and
simply getting off that couch and away from the television are just some of the
benefits of outdoor activities. Children especially spend a great deal of time
either staring at a computer screen or trapped in their classrooms throughout
the day. Exercise and sport help kids to strengthen muscles, increase their
social skills and can become a regular part of their lives. Activities don’t
have to be too taxing and can include cycling through local parks, hiking in
nearby rural areas and even playing a few rounds of crazy
getting fresh air - children playing outside

Low cost outdoors

Here’s where the bonus comes
in: outside family fun costs very little to enjoy while providing excellent
health benefits. If you want your children to explore further than the local
neighbourhood then get hold of some cheap walking boots from Tesco and visit the surrounding countryside. Hire or buy bikes
and travel even further to local points of interest that you’ve always wanted to
explore. Weekends stuck in the house can fly by easily and children will always
remember those family days out as some of the best times of their formative

Learn at least one

Sports are a great way to get children active and learning a
new one is a start towards developing a skill that can last a lifetime. Golf,
tennis, badminton and swimming are all excellent social sports which the family
can enjoy via local clubs and sports centres. If you want to ramp up the
excitement then why not try skiing at a nearby dry ski-slope. Learning to ski
together can open up a world of exciting ski holidays abroad and this is
definitely a something the kids will thank you for.

Take that weekend

It’s great to get out of the house
a few times a week for some exercise but why not go one step further with a
weekend camping trip. All of the equipment including tents can be hired from
local stores and this is a great way to explore some amazing parts of the
country. Your trip can also include activities such as fishing, cycling and
hiking. A camping trip is not only a much-needed break from familiar
surroundings but is also one of the best bonding times that a family can


You don’t need to wait for the
weekends, as weekday evenings are the ideal time for a few hours of cycling,
swimming and sports. There is so much to do, so get out

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