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Photo Challenge – February 1st

Photo prompts from Fat Mum Slim
I used the photo prompts up until the 28th then things got even busier and I just used some of the photos I’ve taken at the new house.
January 26th – Fun stuff – Ella was pleased she’d worn her wellies today when she saw this big puddle!
January 27th – Something I bought – I’ve keep buying stuff for the new kitchen but I reckon I’d best stop now because I’m going to end up with more stuff than I room for!
January 28th – Dinner – I was sent some packet meals for the two fasting days when doing the 5:2 diet. A full review will follow but for now I’ll just say I was pleasantly surprised and I lost 4lb at my Slimming World weigh in. That was after not following SW for the previous week due to being at the new house all day, every day and just grabbing stuff as when we could!
January 29th – Lots of decorating still do but it’s much more fun when the girls come to help 🙂
January 30th – A bit of a disaster in the kitchen….Ant removed the hob, oven and some of the fitted cupboards so we could make room for my range cooker. He had to remove the tiles and while removing all this, lots of plaster fell off the wall. Also, Ant noticed the electrics looked a bit unsafe so we got an electrician out who told us the electrics aren’t earthed and the whole kitchen needs re-wiring. We now can’t do anything to the kitchen until the wiring is done and we’re also waiting for E-ON to get in touch about having a new boiler fitted so it looks like we’re going to be without a kitchen for goodness how long, when we actually move in on the 10th. After just being without a kitchen for a while when the new one was fitted here just before Christmas last year, I’m sure we’ll cope again!
January 31st – Ant found this packet for wallpaper paste under the floor boards in the kitchen. He also found a sheet of newspaper from from1961.
I love finding things like this 🙂

7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – February 1st

  1. Thanks for linking up to Project 365, new linky already live.

  2. Cant beat a bot of puddle jumping

  3. Goodness good luck with your kitchen!

  4. good luck with the decorating, looks like it's all hands on deck 🙂

  5. Great pink boots for puddles! And good luck with the kitchen.

  6. Puddles is where it's at this week.

  7. Wow! Good luck on your kitchen rewiring. Hopefully it gets done quickly.

    I love the signs you picked out for your kitchen. They are lovely.

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