One of those mornings.

It was one of those mornings. It started off ok and went rapidly downhill.

They lulled me into a false sense of security, those girls. They’d hardly argued, in fact, they seemed to be leaving each other alone for a change.
I was plodding along, getting everything ready for the walk to school when I did something silly; I asked Kaycee to take the spirograph to Ella and ask her to put it away because she’d left it downstairs. Big mistake. Big. Huge. to quote Pretty Woman!
Now, if I’d have just put it away when I got back or if I’d have asked Ella myself to put it away, they wouldn’t have had to interact and we wouldn’t have ended up walking to school with one of us fuming and the other 2 of us crying loudly.

Here’s what happened….

KayceeKaycee shouted Ella and said, ‘come and put this away’. Ella asked what it was and Kaycee, because she was in one of those moods, wouldn’t tell her what it was, she just kept saying, ‘this’.
Ella got annoyed.
She came to see what it was and took it off Kaycee. I could hear all of this and decided that I didn’t need to step in this time as it seemed Ella had just done as she was asked and put it away.

Now here’s where I’m just relying on their version of events so I’m not sure how truthful it is!

Ella came back down and they were both just under half way on the stairs. Ella had papers in her hands from the spirograph that she was bringing down to give me as a gift and Kaycee knocked them out of her hand hand and said, ‘oops, sorry, I caught them’. She claims it was a joke but I know better, as did Ella!
Ella got angry and pushed Kaycee down the stairs.

Ella Pushed Kaycee

Kaycee now has a sore back and both girls are grounded this evening when they get home from school.
They’re not going to be allowed to play on any computers, including games on phones.

To top it all, as Kaycee was getting her shoes on, I noticed she had a hole in her tights so I told her to go and either find more tights or put trousers on.
She went off in a huff, crying through pain with her back and anger because I wouldn’t let her wear the tights.
She came back down with Ella’s tights, tried putting them on only to find they wouldn’t fit. I told her she had to go get trousers on and she said, ‘trousers won’t look right with this skirt’.
I hung on to my patience, barely, and explained that she needed to take the skirt off and put trousers on or wear the skirt and put socks on, I really didn’t care which but if she didn’t hurry up, we were going to be late.

She stomped off upstairs again. I swear she’s got a better stomp than I ever had during all my teenage years and she’s only 8; it doesn’t bode well for the future!

We finally got out of the house and did the school run in silence, once they’d both stopped crying.

Monrings - alarm clock and morning coffee

I need more coffee!



  1. Natalie Short 19th November 2013 at 7:15 pm

    Hahaha I have all this to look forward to. Ava and Emme already fight at the ages of 5 and 17 months. I would really like to be told it gets better as they get older, but I'm guessing from this blog that it doesnt. xx

  2. Leanne 8th November 2013 at 2:09 pm

    Hmmm.Sounds familiar. I love yout new header too.

    Leanne xx

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