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Photo Challenge – April 27th to May 3rd

27th – Ant and I went for a meal on Saturday night to celebrate his daughter, Kellyann’s 30th birthday. I had a banana and caramel dessert thingy that was delicious.

28th – We’ve had Chi-Chi to stay for the week again and the girls have loved it 🙂 Ella said it’s not fair that she has to go back to Nanny’s because she wants to keep her!

29th – I seem to have lived off pasta n sauce lunches recently. I add loads of veg like onions, peppers, celery and carrot and it really sets me up for the afternoon. I don’t need to snack at all because it keeps me full till dinnertime 🙂

30th – The waterfall is back to it’s former glory after the break it had over the winter and I’m really happy to see the birds back drinking and taking baths in it 🙂

1st May – There’s a story behind this but I’ll try to keep it brief! When Aiden was born I was given a baby book to fill in. I was a single mum with only 1 child so I found it very easy to fill the whole book in and save loads of things from his first couple of years because there was only him to look after. No work or other children took the free time I got.
When Kaycee was born I was given another baby book and I managed to fill a lot of it in but I started work when she was a few months old and it didn’t get properly finished but she loves it and often has a look through it.
When Ella was born no one bought me a baby book and I only took a few weeks off work so at the time I didn’t even think about it. I had a 7 year old, a 2 year old and a job which took all of my time.
Now when Ella sees Kaycee looking at her book, she gets a bit jealous that she hasn’t got one and the first time she asked where her book was I felt awful saying she didn’t have one.
I saw this book and knew it would be perfect for us to do together. It has pockets to save pictures and things she does at school and each double page meant to record a years worth of information like school teachers, hobbies etc

2nd May – I was excited to receive my Cherry Menlove book today 🙂 I started reading Cherry’s blog a few years ago and I was inspired to try growing some herbs from seed after never really bothering with any kind of gardening. After the success of those herbs it gave me the gardening bug and I now love spending time in the garden.
It’s because of those herbs I totally redesigned the garden and together with Ant we spent nearly a year digging and building and creating a space we love.
I’m really looking forward to spending as much time as possible over the long weekend getting garden jobs done 🙂

3rd May – I went out to water the newly transplanted roses that we got from my mother in law’s garden (she’s had part of the front garden turned into a driveway and the rose bushes, spring bulbs and heathers were going to be destroyed so I dug them up before the builders arrived!) and noticed the blossom from the tree near the back door was gently being blown around. For some reason I’d not taken any notice of the tree in blossom and today I spent time just enjoying the beauty of it.

I took this yesterday as well as the one I used in the collage and at first couldn’t decide which use but I figured this one needed to be big!
It was lovely and sunny yesterday and I wanted to capture the blossom before it disappears 🙂


6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – April 27th to May 3rd

  1. I like the story of the memory book, but it is true, hundreds of pics of the 1st doing everything, dozens of the next, less of the 3rd…we were all the same.
    The blossoms are very beautiful at this time of year

  2. Lovely set of images, enjoy your new book x

  3. My little girl loved seeing your "doggy" picture this morning x from TBAM

  4. Some lovely close ups, the baby book makes me feel guilty I never did one for any of mine. Perhaps if blogging had been around then I would have done that.

  5. Oh, that little dog is so cute. Love the cherry blossom too.

  6. Chi Chi is super cute! i am not surprised the girls were happy to have her to stay again.the new 'baby' book is such a lovely idea, i feel so guilty that i didnt fill my book in for Jenson as much as Burton's and that for both boys I stopped updating their books once they reached a year!!! #mummyfail
    that blossom photo is a great capture x

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