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Photo Challenge – March 16th – 22nd

16th – Sunglasses – Here we have Ella modelling a lovely pair of Hello Kitty sunglasses but shush, don’t tell Kaycee because they’re hers and she gets annoyed when Ella wears them!

17th – Green – I wanted to get out in the garden again and take a photo of something growing to make me happy about spring but the snow just won’t quit!

18th – A corner of your home – The best corner according to the kids…..the box of goodies!

19th – Funny – Great fun at bedtime!

20th – Before – I have to read before I go to sleep every night and at the moment I’m really enjoying the hunger games trilogy 🙂

21st – Delicious – Bailey’s mocha syllabub, my new favourite slimming world dessert 🙂

22nd – If I ever get a new kitchen this is the sink I’d want 🙂


20 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – March 16th – 22nd

  1. Haha love the kitchen sink shot!! Once again, your themes are fab. I love the obscurity of it all!

  2. Love the sink and I'm looking forward to some green

  3. Love the sink too! very cool sunglasses, great pics x

  4. he he to the funny faces

  5. I love the funny faces. How I wish we actually needed sunglasses.

  6. what a fab selection of pics x

    1. Thank you 🙂 x

  7. Is she hoping the sunglasses will bring the spring?

    1. If she isn't, I definitely am!

  8. oooooh that Baileys mocha dessert sounds nice – do you have the recipe? i do love baileys in puddings.
    great assortment of photos i like the funny one best x

    1. Here's the recipe 🙂

      I didn't have any toffee yogurts so used Activia fat free vanilla ones instead. I also used vanilla flavoured coffee. It really was delicious!
      Going to get some toffee yogurts next time I shop so I can try it as the recipe says and see if it's even nicer!

  9. Wow if thats a dessert i'm starting slimming world today! x

  10. Oh that syllabub looks nice, what's in it? We've got a double sink from Ikea like that, I love it!

    Thanks for linking up.

    1. It's Quark, fat free vanilla yogurts, vanilla coffee, vanilla extract, Baileys (although we have a cheaper version of irish cream) and sweetener. It's really smooth and creamy and gives me my irish cream fix without using loads of syns on a mouthful of the drink lol
      The recipe is further down xx

  11. love the funny faces lol 🙂

    1. It was one of the favourite prompts of the weeks for me 🙂

  12. Hehe the funny faces are good!

    1. They do like to help with my photo challenge and enjoyed this prompt in particular!

  13. Very funny faces.

    Hope you've had a good week

    1. It took a while to get them move their hands to places where I could actually see their faces!

      We've had a lovely week, thanks 🙂 xx

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