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Zu3D Animation Kit – A Review

I knew straight away that the kids were going to love Zu3d Animation Kit and I wasn’t wrong!


In the box is a good quality HD webcam, a printed background, a packet of plasticine, a green piece of cloth (the green screen) and the software cd.




Aiden was poorly so it was left to me and the girls to check it out!
It installed very easily with little input needed from me. The webcam installed automatically and the software installation didn’t too long.
We were soon ready to go and we made a short animation together while we got used to the controls. I had to use the tutorials that are online at first because it looked a bit confusing but I soon got used to it.
Kaycee (7) wanted a go on her own so I let her get on with it while I started dinner.
Not surprisingly, she was brilliant at it and didn’t need any help from me at all.
She loved it and was disappointed when she had to let Ella have a turn!
She loved that you can see through your hand on the screen when you need to move the model and the ghost image of the model that is left in its last position really helps with keeping your animation movements smooth.
Ella (5) needs help as she keeps forgetting to press the record button and gets distracted easily. I found her playing with the plasticine after a short while, the laptop and software completely forgotten!


She did find it funny seeing herself on the screen though!
Here’s Kaycee’s very first animation completed all be herself 🙂
We didn’t get round to adding sounds yet….that’s our next project!
I’m going to get them loads more modelling clay so they can have fun making lots more animations!


One thought on “Zu3D Animation Kit – A Review

  1. I remeber making a stop-frame animation with my dad's cine camera 50 years ago and I couldn't wait to see this up and running. The software is very good (and the price is excellent for it's capabilities – around £30)and I had an hour playing with the green screen. I don't noprmally comment on reviews, but I am impressed with this.

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