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Our Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas but I did miss having Aiden home. I also felt awful because his dad and step mum asked me to order Skylanders Giants for the PS3 and I stupidly ordered it for the Xbox so he had to wait a few days for the new one to be delivered and he now has to wait till he goes back to his dad’s next Wednesday before he can play it.
We got him a laptop so at least he’ll have something to play on while until he goes back to his dads and is able to play on his PS3!

We cut back on the amount of presents the kids had this year (I usually buy way too much) and for days before I was worried that they’d notice the difference but I needn’t have; they both loved all that they got and were grateful for it. I should have had more faith in them 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you a happy new year xx





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