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Christmas Gifts at HomeSense

Gifts for Christmas at Homesense

You know HomeSense is one of my favourite shops, right? I really enjoyed browsing for Christmas gifts the other week. I was spoilt for choice.

I’ve done all of my Christmas shopping now but already I’m planning ahead for next year! I like making gift baskets for people and tailoring them to each person.
For Ant, I’d do a foodie gift basket because he’s really into his baking and cooking right now. I used to do the majority of the cooking but now he does it all and delicious it is too!

HomeSense has a great assortment of foodie items like this oak smoked rapeseed oil. He’d love this because he always uses rapeseed oil and he loves anything smoked!

Christmas gifts at HomeSense

I know a few people who would like these other foodie gifts

Christmas gifts at HomeSense


Christmas gifts at HomeSense


Christmas gifts at HomeSense
Don’t you just love the marshmallow snow?!

If anyone wants to buy me a present from HomeSense, I’d be very happy to get one of these tins containing panettone. I LOVE panettone but I love the tins even more. I’m thinking I could start a collection!

Christmas gifts at HomeSense


Christmas gifts at HomeSense


If you’re after something a bit different, there are some great games and funny gifts to choose from.

Christmas gifts at HomeSense


Christmas gifts at HomeSense


Christmas gifts at HomeSense


Christmas gifts at HomeSense


Christmas gifts at HomeSense


They have the usual smelly gift sets. Some people complain about smelly gift sets but I love getting them. I don’t buy myself indulgent bath products throughout the year so it’s nice to get some at Christmas.

Christmas gifts at HomeSense


Christmas gifts at HomeSense

My girls would love to get these on Christmas day 🙂

Christmas gifts at HomeSense


Christmas gifts at HomeSense


Thanks to HomeSense for my gift card. I treated myself to some new wine glasses to go with my Christmas dinner service and some Christmas wine glass charms 🙂

Retro Sweets – Flavoured vodka Christmas gifts

Flavoured vodkas

It always amazes me how a taste can instantly transport you back to your childhood. A taste that gets me every time is Drumstick lollies. I used to love them when I was younger. Now I prefer Squashies, they taste like Drumsticks but are easier to eat! I do love retro sweets and when I decided to make some flavoured vodkas for Christmas, I couldn’t decide between Squashies, Palma violets and giant strawberries.

Squashies won! I didn’t want to make a full bottle of Squashies vodka in case I didn’t like it so I split the bottle in half and added Maltesers to the other half.

wholesale sweets flavoured vodka

The bottles were from The Range and only cost £2.49 each.

How to make

They’re really very easy to make. We poured half a bottle of vodka into a clean, empty bottle that had a screw top lid then put a 120g box of Maltesers into one bottle and a bag of Squashies into the other. We actually put a bag and a half of Squashies into ours but we soon found out you can put too many sweets in! They’ve been in there for over a month and loads of the sweets just didn’t dissolve. We had to add more vodka. When I poured it through the strainer today, there were a few bits not totally dissolved so I think a 160g bag of Squashies will do the job.

Give the bottles a shake every few days. When it looks like the sweets have dissolved, pour through a strainer to catch any undissolved bits. Trasnfer to a bottle and enjoy!

I’m considering making them for Christmas presents next year. I if I do, I’ll pick up a couple of bottles each time I go to The Range to spread the cost and buy wholesale sweets to save me money 🙂
You can use the cheapest vodka you can find because the sweets provide the flavour. I want to try loads of other flavours, like pear drops, fruit salads, palma violets and Werthers.
I think making them for gifts will be the best idea because I’ll be able to taste them but won’t have to drink the whole bottles! Contrary to what the husband may say, I don’t drink vodka very often. Anymore.

I think I’m going to have to dilute my squashies vodka with lemonade as it is because it’s a bit too strong for me!

Christmas Gift Guide from Red Candy

Christmas gift guide - header

For those of you who haven’t done all your Christmas shopping yet, (I’m 99% done…yay!!) I’m sharing a few ideas with this Christmas gift guide from Red Candy.

Christmas gift guide - red clock

I thought this Koziol Pip Red Wall Clock was a fun gift and if I got this for Christmas, I’d be delighted!


Christmas gift guide - Mister Wonderful mug

This Mister Wonderful mug is the perfect gift for the Super Wonderful Husband!

Book Lovers

Christmas gift guide - shelves made from books


Christmas gift guide - shelf made from books

We’re both book lovers and I’ve been hankering after these Umbra Conceal Bookshelves for a while; they would look so nice above our bedside tables 🙂

Family Photos

Christmas gift guide - hanging photo frame

Don’t you just love giving photo gifts at Christmas? I do and I know any of the grandparents would love to receive a gift like this Umbra Hangit Photo Display with photos of all the children and grandchildren.

Christmas gift guide - photo frame

Another photo gift I really like is this Umbra Thinker Frame. It would like nice on the super wonderful husband’s work desk 🙂

Retro Gift

Christmas gift guide - retro phone
This Wild and Wolf retro phone in phone box red has to be my favourite, though because I’m transported back in time when I see them!
When I was in my teens, my best friend’s mum had one. It had the proper rotary dial and she used to have a little lock on it.  My friend didn’t like not being able to use the phone when her mum wasn’t home!
I hope I’ve given you a few ideas if you’re maybe struggling to find a gift for that special someone 🙂
Please note: We were provided with our own gift from Red Candy in return for sharing our favourite things from their wonderful site 🙂

My new favourite gift website – Flamingo Gifts

Flamingo Gifts

I was like a kid at Christmas, waiting for my parcel to arrive from Flamingo Gifts earlier this week!

I’d been asked to pick some things I’d like to receive and would be sent a few items from my list so although I knew what was on my list, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to be sent.

I was delighted with all that I received :o)

Mirabelle and Gorjuss

I’m a new fan of Mirabelle and Gorjuss after seeing the selection on Flamingo Gifts. Unfortunately, the handbag I reallllyyyyy wanted was out of stock 🙁 but I did get a purse, journal and pen and a lovely watermelon lip gloss.


Gorjuss Poppy Wood premium journal and pen – £11.69


I also received an owl doorstop and a tiny Russian doll. I’ve wanted a Russian doll for at least 10 years and when I saw not only a Russian doll but a tiny Russian doll, I had to add it to my list. I love all things miniature so you can imagine my excitement when I opened each doll and came to the last super tiny one!


Tiny Russian Doll – £10.70


There are loads of things I want from Flamingo Gifts and I’ve added quite a few to my Amazon wishlist!

I also ordered a couple of items for my step daughter’s birthday. They were delivered the next day which was excellent service. It’s her birthday tomorrow. I can’t share with you what I bought her unfortunately because I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

10% Off

At the time of writing there’s 10% off everything which is reflected in the above prices and postage is only 1p. Even without the promotion, postage is only 99p for orders under £34.99 and FREE on orders over that which I think is absolutely brilliant. High postage costs are what put me off ordering from some gift websites.

Flamingo Gifts will definitely be my first stop now when I need to find gorgeous birthday and Christmas gifts 🙂

Please note: I was sent the above items in return for an honest review.

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Our Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas but I did miss having Aiden home. I also felt awful because his dad and step mum asked me to order Skylanders Giants for the PS3 and I stupidly ordered it for the Xbox so he had to wait a few days for the new one to be delivered and he now has to wait till he goes back to his dad’s next Wednesday before he can play it.
We got him a laptop so at least he’ll have something to play on while until he goes back to his dads and is able to play on his PS3!

We cut back on the amount of presents the kids had this year (I usually buy way too much) and for days before I was worried that they’d notice the difference but I needn’t have; they both loved all that they got and were grateful for it. I should have had more faith in them 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you a happy new year xx





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