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Equestrian Budkins Review

When I was asked to review some wooden doll house toys I think I was more excited than the girls! I’ve always love everything miniature and still love dolls houses; we’d have a huge one if we had more room! Anyway, I digress!
I chose Budkins Equestrian Dolls, a Grey Wooden Horse and a Le Toy Van Jumping Set.

I set the equestrian budkins up on the kitchen table while the girls were still at school and waited for their first impressions when they walked in the door.

Kaycee took a sharp intake of breath and asked who’s it was, Ella walked in and said, “wow, awesome, who’s is that?”
When I told them it had been sent for them to review, they were super excited and instead of going to get changed out of their school uniforms, (which they know they should do as soon as bags and coats have been hung!) they went right back in the kitchen and I’m now listening to them neighing away!
They’ve been playing for ages and the only negative I’ve heard from them is that the poles that sit in the slots for 2 of the fences (are they called fences? I know nothing about horses/show jumping!) don’t stay in very well. I know they’re meant to be able to come out during play when the horses hooves catch them but these seem to roll out when no one is near them. Ant said the cut out on the uprights should have been slightly angled to avoid the problem.
It didn’t stop them playing though!

As a parent, it’s great to hear your children playing nicely together for a change and even nicer to see it’s with really well made wooden toys and not like a zombie with another computer game or crying because another plastic piece of rubbish has broken within days.

Note to self: make sure dishes are put in the dishwasher before taking photos, not after!



There are some really great toys on the site and with Christmas coming, I’d much rather spend my money on toys like these for the girls because I know they’ll last well and get plenty of use.

* I received the items in return for a review. However, the review was written by me and reflects my personal opinion.When I accept a product for review, it does not guarantee a favourable review.

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