Gardener KayCee

The girls had sports day today so they were home from school earlier than usual. They also didn’t have to get changed as they still had on their shorts and tshirts so both them went straight out to play.
It wasn’t long before KayCee came running back in again shouting me and my first thought was that she’d hurt herself. Thankfully, she was just really excited because some of the plants she repotted the other day have started to flower 🙂

I went out with her to have a look and we walked round the garden together seeing what else was growing and flowering.
She fetched my phone and took photos of her flowers and other plants around the garden 🙂






Ella likes being in the garden as well but she’s more into snail hunting! She collects them up and takes them to an old bird table Ant built about 7 or 8 years ago.
Tonight, after taking some snails to the bird table she asked why daddy had built her a snail shelf. I wasn’t sure what she meant. When she showed me the snails on the bird table, I couldn’t help but laugh and had to explain that daddy had built it as a bird table for Aiden when he was little but as we didn’t use it anymore, she could keep it as a snail shelf!

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