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Childhood Memories

“Melting crayons down a warm radiator”.

This was a reply to a question about stains I saw on Facebook earlier. Immediately, a memory about doing just that came rushing back to me.
I remember being totally fascinated with the speed in which a crayon would disappear when you held it on a warm radiator!
I’d sit in my room melting one after the other of my crayons and watching the melted wax make it’s way slowly to the bottom. It was almost mesmerising.

What surprises me about this memory is that I don’t remember ever getting told off for doing it; I’m sure my mum would not have been happy if she’d have caught me!
I think I was probably about 7 or 8 at the time so it’s possible I cleaned up after myself so as not get caught. I do remember it leaving stains on the radiator though and  I think, although I’m not quite sure, that I must have stopped it dripping onto the carpet because I knew for sure I’d get in trouble for that!

I wonder how I’d react now if I caught Ella doing it?, (because of course if any of my children would find it as fascinating as I did, it’d be Ella!). I’d like to think that now I’ve remembered how much I enjoyed doing it when I was little, I’d be able to see past the ‘damage’ to the radiator and smile along with her! 🙂

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