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Emeli Sande CD – A Review

Mumsnet bloggers network sent me Emeli Sande’s, Our Version of Events CD to review. It’s now the CD I listen to on a daily basis while I’m cleaning up after the kids after left for school!

I have to admit that I’d never heard of Emeli Sande before I got the CD. When I buy a CD from a new artist, I can usually tell after listening to it about 3 or 4 times, whether it’s going to become one of my favourites or one that gets abandoned on the shelf.

This is now one of my favourites.

She has such a beautiful voice and once you pick up the lyrics, you can’t help singing along. I turn the volume up (when hubby’s not home, of course. He’s not into loud music!) so I can sing without the worry someone might hear me!

I’m not the only Emeli Sande fan in the house; I shouldn’t have been surprised to hear that my 12 year old son knows who she is and likes her songs and even KayCee sings along!

This is one of our favourites 🙂


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