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Fairy garden house

Well it didn’t quite go as planned but we did eventually get a fairy house made!
I think our original choice of house was very ambitious for a first try, especially without the help of the super wonderful husband!

Before we even started, I decided not to try that one today as it’s going to take a lot longer to plan and collect everything we need, including getting Ant to help 🙂

I found another, easier fairy house but it turned out we didn’t have enough straight pieces of wood.
The girls were really looking forward to making a fairy house so I didn’t want to change the project at the last minute so I improvised with a plastic mushroom tub, some hanging flower basket lining, a glue gun and some sticks.

The girls loved using the glue gun (I was right by their side the whole time) and both of them were very sensible.
We cut a door and some windows out of the plastic box then glued the hanging basket liner all over it.
We then glued some sticks together and made a roof.


Stopping for a snack!



I reckon it makes a better hat than a fairy house mum!

Ella especially was very excited about having our first house for our fairy garden and took it straight outside to put it in place!

4 thoughts on “Fairy garden house

  1. I really love this idea. Can't wait till my daughter is a bit older and we can do this, she'd just try and eat it all at the moment lol x

  2. What a wonderful project! I hope they entice a cute little fairy family to visit!

  3. What a lovely idea. I'm sure you all had great fun, really got their imaginations going I'd say.

  4. rofl, tell Kaycee I love her hat but thought they were making a house for fairies xxxxxxx

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