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122 / 365 – Another note from KayCee :)

I’ve been slacking in the housework department for the last few days because I’ve been working non stop on a project I’m doing for the bathroom makeover.

I didn’t make the bed this morning but when I went up tonight to get the girls to bed, our bed had been made and there was a note on it from KayCee:

I had to get KayCee to read it to me because she wasn’t as neat as she usually is when writing; I suspect she was rushing to get it done before I got upstairs!

It says,

I did your bet
I think yo whill epristet it
Love From

Translated it says, I did your bed, I think you will appreciate it, Love from KayCee xxx

This came after I’d just told Ella off for not putting things away properly when she’d been asked; she just took things to the room where they were supposed to go, stood at the door and chucked the stuff in the room, onto the floor. I then went into my room and told KayCee off for putting my dressing gown on the floor instead of on the bed and it turned out she had put it on the bed but hadn’t realised it had fallen on the floor while she was making it.

I felt absolutely awful when she looked at me with tears in her eyes and explained why it was on the floor. I gave her a big hug and couldn’t apologise enough.
She’s such a wonderful, thoughtful girl and I still feel awful for telling her off. Another apologetic hug in the morning is in order me thinks!

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