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My home never looks like…..

those homes you see on the home improvement blogs or the Better Homes & Gardens web site…..I see photos on those kind of sites and think, I’d love to have that look but when I try, it never works out; for example, if I drape a throwover on the arm of the chair, like on this photo at Centsational Girl, it just looks like the kids haven’t put it away after snuggling under it when they first wake up in the morning!
And if I have the ‘wonderful’ idea that my wooden table and chairs would look so much better painted a lovely, bright white, I soon realise that it was a mistake and I now have a white table with chips in the paint, pink, red, blue, yellow and green stains on it from the tissue paper the girls were crafting with (yes I did realise afterwards that I’d forgotten to put the protective table cloth on!) and the chairs have slight bottom shapes or fingerprints pressed into the paint because I didn’t let it harden for long enough before using them!

If you’re wondering why I’m babbling about this now it’s because I want to completely redo my kitchen and make it look ‘Centsational’ (obviously on a tight budget…the reason for the ‘Cent’ part of centsational!) but I’m worried that it’s all going to go wrong and end up looking worse than it did before, like my table and chairs! (Thanks to our lovely neighbour, we now have a wonderful new big table but I’m still stuck with those chairs!) We can’t afford to have a new fitted kitchen but we desperately need more storage so changes have to be made.

If I’m totally honest with myself, I know it’s my own fault that things don’t usually go as planned; I don’t always follow the advice I find when Googling ‘how to’ information on the web. Things like which primer to use/how long to leave the paint to cure/giving things the much needed second coat to make them more durable, tend to be changed to, the cheapest primer available/using it now because I’m too impatient to wait/can’t be bothered to do another coat, one’ll do!

Well not anymore! I am going to make my kitchen look Centsational and it is going to stay looking that way for a long time because I’m going to do it properly this time 🙂
I’ll be making a start tomorrow after the kids have left to go to Aiden’s dads and I can’t wait.

I’ve got a Pinterest board to store my new kitchen design ideas and I’ve been measuring and sketching and photographing the kitchen for weeks! I’ve decided to move the cupboards to a different wall and put open shelving in their place after seeing some on Cherry Menlove’s blog (another wonderful lady who inspires me to have a nicer home and garden). I also want to add a new, longer counter and new flooring.

So armed with paint charts, Pinterest, inspiration from Cherry and Kate, look out kitchen, here I come. You’re not going to know what’s hit you!!

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  1. Sounds like you need to have something that looks good but is also very durable. I'd suggest laminate worktops rather than real wood or stone. They may be regarded as a bit naff, but they are very durable, stain resistant, cheaper and easier to fit.

    One of the alternatives is solid surface – sort of reconstituted stone – which has the advantage of not staining if you accidentally spill fruit juice (or wine!) on it.

    Have a look here for some images for your board….

  2. …here I???? come…

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