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110 – 365 Another busy day

We now have a lovely, clean living room again 🙂
I got the cupboard under the stairs sorted out and Ant’s office. You can see his desk again! I only have one box of stuff left to sort out but that can wait till tomorrow because I’m in a bit of pain at the moment.

I’ve had a bad knee for about three days, my Plantar Fasciitis is playing up quite badly and not to be outdone, my back decided to start hurting a few days ago as well. I’m now resting and plan to do the same tomorrow.
I’ve spent nearly two weeks on my feet for most of each day, which is the reason for the foot pain. It’s not too bad if I get to rest it often and it’s not been this bad since I first went the doctors to get diagnosed.
It’s hurting while I’m resting and I’m not used to that!

My wonderful, soon to be 12 year old son is making the school lunches for himself and the girls so I can rest my foot. He’s also asked if he can cook dinner for us one night but he can’t decide what to cook yet. I told him to look through the recipe cards and see what takes his fancy 🙂

The girls have been busy wrapping Kellyann’s presents tonight and can’t wait to give them to her on Sunday when she comes to visit.




Today’s 365 photo – KayCee and a plum! She asked me to take
a photo with the plum in her mouth and thought it was really

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