85 / 365 – Work in progress

We got a great bargain on Ebay yesterday. We won an auction for a fire surround and the winning price was Ā£22 šŸ˜€
We’d been looking at fire surrounds at B&Q and the cheapest was Ā£159. We were going to get that one but I said I’d check Ebay first. I’m so pleased I did!

We’ve put the TV on the wall and are in the process of fixing the fire place to the wall. We’re not sure if the TV is a bit too high (my fault because I told Ant where to put it!) and we may end up moving it down a bit.

You can’t seeĀ the fire and surroundĀ very well because it’s a bit dark but I’ll be taking some better photos of the entire wallĀ once it’s all finished and I’ll do a before and after post šŸ™‚
I can’t wait to get it all done;Ā the bad things about making changes is the mess it creates while the work’s being done!
I’ve bought some new ornamentsĀ to go on the fireplaceĀ and someĀ pictures to go on the wall in place of the family photos we had up; I’ll be spending ages tomorrow getting them put back on the wall up the stairs.

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