83 / 365 – Changes

We’ve decided to mount our new TV on the wall, above where it’s sitting at the moment and in its place, we’re going to have a decorative fire with surround, hearth and mantel.

I’m really excited about making the change because I’ve wanted a fireplace for ages 🙂
We’re now one step closer because today we got our new fire. I’m still shopping around for a fire surround and will be checking Ebay regularly over the next month!

The surround I’ve been looking at in B&Q will fit nicely in the place of the TV stand but we’re not sure where we’re going to put the DVD player and TiVo box.
I’m sure my wonderful hubby will come with a great solution to the problem soon!

We’re also going to lose our photo wall but there’s plenty of space on the stair wall to hang them so I’m not too worried about that.

I’ll be back with photos when it’s all done 🙂

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  1. Mari's World 24th March 2012 at 11:09 am

    I love DIY posts and seeing other people's projects coming along, I have plenty of my own just need to find a bit of enthusiasm to start them now 🙂

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