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63 / 365 Spring seedlings

It’s spring….yay!!! 😀

Ok so it’s not officially spring till later in the month but there are two reasons why, for me, spring is here; yesterday I had the door open to let in the fresh air and didn’t freeze!and the first shoots from the seeds I planted a week or so ago, are peeking through and trying to find the sun 🙂
I’ve got more packets of seeds to plant but having somewhere to put them while they germinate is a problem. I’ve got more flower seeds to plant as well as all the vegetable seeds and only so many window sills in the house!
I’m going to have to buy more planters and some hanging baskets to put all the flowers in when they’re bigger. I plan on having a garden full of flowers right into winter and I can’t wait to see them all in bloom 🙂

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