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Valentine’s Day

With the kids being away for the week, I decided to plan a special evening for us when Ant got home from work. Neither of us are really interested in going out for a meal, we much prefer dining at home (ooh that sounds a bit posh for me!). I had planned to cook us a lovely a meal for Valentine’s Day but Ant’s mum gave us some money to go for a meal or to get a takeaway as a thank you for helping her while Jack’s been in hospital so we decided to get a takeaway from Damon’s.


If you haven’t been to a Damon’s restaurant, you’re missing out on THE. BEST. RIBS. EVER!
They do BBQ or Char Sui flavour ribs and they’re that tender the meat just falls off the bone. I had Char Sui ribs and I think next time (yes darling, there will most definitely be a next time!) I’ll have the BBQ ribs, just so I can compare you understand!
You get a choice of sides, I had mashed potato, mushy peas and hot apple sauce and Ant had pilau rice, garden peas and a side salad. It was served with bread and butter and the bread was lovely and soft.
As it was Valentine’s Day they were extremely busy. We ordered at 6.30pm and was told our order would be ready for collection at 8.30pm. It was worth the wait.
Ant’s son is a manager at Damon’s. He managed to grab a few minutes to show his dad the kitchen (from the doorway, he wasn’t allowed in obviously) before he had to get back to work.
Ant was very impressed with the staff. He said they were very friendly and welcoming, even though they were rushed off their feet.


The waitress asked if he wanted to wait at the bar while our order was being prepared and Ant replied that if he stopped at the bar for the next two hours he wouldn’t be able to walk let alone drive!
He came home and I had the coffee table set with decorations, candles, wine, valentine crackers and valentine cupcakes.
I had made loads of origami hearts the day before after seeing a picture on Pinterest and hung them from a branch I got from one of the trees in the garden.
 We each opened our cards and presents before settling down on the sofa together to watch the original Hawaii 5-0 pilot movie. The box set was one of his valentine presents.
He got me pink slippers that can be heated in the microwave. It feels sooo lovely to slip your feet into toasty warm slippers!
We hardly ever sit together because frankly, it’s not that comfy for us both on the sofa. We both like to have our feet up while watching tv and the sofa just isn’t big enough.
However, we sat together last night and I must say I really enjoyed putting away the laptop and just spending time with Ant. We need to do it more often. It felt great to chat and laugh like we used to when we first got together.
We laughed so much last night that at one point I had tears and nearly went into a coughing fit.
It was a perfect valentine’s day and even though we make sure we tell each other every day that we love each other, it’s lovely to have one special day where we make an extra effort to show each other just how much we love each and appreciate each other.
I hope you all had a wonderful day 🙂

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