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Happy Birthday Mama – 60 / 365

I’m not taking a photo today as my challenge was to take a photo every day for 365 days, not 366. Totally forgot about the leap year!

I am posting a photo today though; one of my Mama, because today is her birthday.
She was born in 1932 and as children we found it really funny that in 1984 our mama was celebrating her 14th birthday!

She died in 1985 when I was 9. I don’t have many memories of her but I do know her family meant the world to her. We all felt truly loved and always looked forward to visiting her and Granddad.

One of the few memories I have and can still picture in my mind, is of her walking back from the shops with a packet of best butter (best butter being Lurpack), putting it in the butter dish, then on to the hearth to speed the softening process!
I also remember her giving us tinned fruit with bread and butter and back then it was normal to dip the bread into the fruit juice.Don’t know if I could bring myself to do it now!

Happy Birthday Mama. We all love and miss you xx

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mama – 60 / 365

  1. Delightful. And thanks so much for entering the Linky at SaveEveryStep!

    1. You're welcome 🙂 Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. i didn't know your mama, buti do remember your dad introducing me to the concept of dipping buttered bread in tinned fruit, i loved the family custom and it was great to share a meal in that was, but to be honest i always pretended i liked the taste when the truth is, it was nasty! I think it was a custom from the war making food go further and fuller for longer type thing and also a way of using up any stale bread

    1. You do make me laugh Rach! You should have just said it was horrible lol
      I really can't imagine eating soggy fruit juice bread now!

      I do remember Mama making us have bread with it to make it fill us more so you're probably right about it being a hangover from the war years 🙂 xx

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