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47 / 365

I’ve found myself running out of things to photograph this week. Seems like I’ve hit my first wall in this challenge so I went to trusty old Google for some ideas.
The problem I have is that I hardly ever go anywhere so I needed a project that I can complete in the house or out in the garden.
I’ve settled on an A-Z theme (which is also another of my day zero challenges so 2 birds with one stone and all that!) and today I used both phone cameras to see which gave me the best results.
My old phone takes a much better picture so I’ve decided not to use the camera anymore on my new phone.

Talking of cameras, I’m very excited to be borrowing a DSLR from Ant’s friend. I’ve been wanting one for a while but just lately it seems to be all I think about! I’m developing a love of photography and with it a need to learn more and more. I can’t wait to get the camera and start snapping away. We may just have to take the kids somewhere this weekend so I can take hundreds of photos of them outdoors!

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