Dear So & So – The looking on the bright side edition!

Dear Hernia,
didn’t like hearing about you but wanted to thank you for helping me get my ass in gear and get back to dieting. Can’t give up this time because it’s too important so thank you again. Oh, and thanks for not being a tumor. Been a bit worried about that all week if I’m honest.
Yours, the relieved one.

Dear Plantar Fasciitis,
I’d never heard of you until my doctor uttered your name on Thursday. You’re a painful little bugger and from what I’ve read on the Internet, you take a heck of a long time to go away.
It’s hard to find a bright side when you make me hobble like an old woman every morning but I suppose if I had to find the silver lining, it would be that I need to rest my foot regularly so I’ll be able to get more of my shows watched! (for the sake of this ‘looking on the bright side edition’ we’re ignoring the fact that I need to exercise to lose weight. I have been on my feet all day and only resting it for a few minutes at a time but I’m paying the price now. It’s very painful at the moment but we’re ‘looking on the bright side’ so I’ll smile!)
Yours, the one in pain but trying to ignore it.

Dear Ant,
thank you for ordering TiVo :):):) I’m super excited and can’t wait till it’s fitted! I love you for always doing things to make me happy, as well as other reasons, before you ask if that’s the only reason I love you! 🙂 xx
Yours…forever xxx

Dear Butlins,
we’re really looking forward to visiting you for the week when the kids break up for half term. It’s our first ever visit…..I do hope you don’t disappoint.
Yours, the excited one 🙂

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