Work, Rain & Snails

Not much to say today because I’m really tired. I do, however, want to say a huge thank you to my super wonderful husband who has been working on my raised beds for the best part of the day.
He’s gone to bed aching all over…’s hoping he doesn’t suffer too much tomorrow.

I’m excited because things are finally starting to take shape 🙂

The start of the new raised beds
Ant making the raised beds


work in the garden


The wood is place for the raised beds


A little help from the girls, who for reasons known only to them, are in their pyjamas!!

KayCee and Ella gardening in their pyjamas!


KayCee and Ella digging


KayCee and Ella digging


Yesterday we had a thunderstorm. The girls thought it was brilliant to be able to go and play out in the rain 🙂

We put the umbrella away when Daddy reminded silly Mummy that it’s not safe to use one in a thunderstorm!

This morning was all about snails for the girls. I don’t know where they got them from but I made sure they took them back there and didn’t let them go in our garden!




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